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Old 06-23-2016, 10:13 PM   #881
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As much of a CGI hater as I am, I have to say medieval fantasy is a genre that really benefits from it. You want big dragons and flying monsters and magic and whatnot and CGI helps sell that a lot, as seen in the Lord of the Rings movies, which truly waited for the right time to happen. I like Willow a lot, and am glad it looks so real and grounded, but it definitely feels limited as a fantasy film, like it couldn't be as fantastical as it wanted to be. Ridley Scott's Legend might be the only one from the 80's that doesn't feel that way to me.

Lord of the Rings was balanced though, used CGI when needed and practical when possible, which is the ideal. The Hobbit went full cartoon, lost that real feeling world and doesn't feel medieval fantasy to me.
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Saw this movie at best buy a month or two back for 15 or so, passed on it in favour of some other titles, decided I would get it some other time. Just today I decided I would see about picking it up. And dear lord these prices are making me hang my head with regret and shame at my decision.
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