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Old 02-19-2016, 03:24 PM   #1281
Zillamon51 Zillamon51 is offline
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Oct 2013
S.E. Michigan

Originally Posted by Monterey Jack View Post
Best Buy is selling it for a buck less + $7.50 Hateful Eight cash.
Well, that's two sticks. IF The Hateful Eight is still playing.
Casual Funko Pop collector. Check out my Collection! Here is my Want List.

Have to trade: SS Joker (Boxer) (Target), Captain America (75th w/ Photon Shield) (Kohl's). Want: Civil War Falcon (HT), BvS Aquaman (Ocean / Blue) (HT).
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Old 03-03-2016, 03:28 AM   #1282
jeffarent jeffarent is online now
Sep 2012
Ft. Worth, Texas

Now that Miramax has new owners, maybe now they will release the Whole Bloody Affair.
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Old 07-19-2016, 02:22 PM   #1283
Rick Grimes Rick Grimes is offline
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Jul 2012

Originally Posted by jeffarent View Post
Now that Miramax has new owners, maybe now they will release the Whole Bloody Affair.
Fingers crossed.

Was setting up my Region Free BD player and to make sure the DVD was still working on Region code 0, I popped in my Region 2 Japanese DVD of Kill Bill Vol.1.

R2 DVD does not look great upscaled, is in 60fps and has lossy audio.
But I still refuse to watch the Crazy 88 fight sequence on BD... It's cut and it's in black and white, 'nuff said...No. The anime sequence is cut on BD and the Sophie "Give me your other hand" sequence is also ruined on BD by the MPAA.

Way back when, I screamed in the cinema "Boo! We paid for blood!". I had heard it may be cut and in B&W, but it did have an Aussie R18+ (Aussie equivalent to NC-17: No one under 18 to be admitted), but we still got US prints. I was not happy that Miramax couldn't do a US censored cut and uncensored for other markets (eg. UK & US).

Would love to see the Whole Bloody Affair finally released on BD, somewhere in the world. Will import it no matter what country it gets released in.

Having said all that, would like to see the Roadshow cut of The Hateful Eight on BD one day. Will double dip for that. It only played in 2 cinemas in all of Australia. One in Sydney and one in Melbourne. I'm in the 3rd largest city, so I missed out on the 70mm Ultra Panavison experience (The Regent in Brisbane had 70mm projectors, but it was bulldozed to make way for apartments).

I digress... Please Miramax/Universal (Japanese cut distributors) please release Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair.
Give me Blu-Ray or give me death.

Down with streaming!

There will always be a place for physical media...

Respect the filmmakers intentions; Respect the the OAR
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Thanks given by:
THGhost (08-09-2016)
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