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Old 01-29-2014, 02:50 PM   #1201
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Oct 2012

Finally got to watch the Ultimate Cut and loved every second of it. This flick gets better and better everytime I watch it, and having the Black Freighter in it gives it that extra something (and BF works so much better like this than played all at once by itself). No matter how Zack feels about it, it's my favorite version cuz more Watchmen is always better than less! Plus I always loved the 2 Bernards from the comic, and here we get to know them while most of their stuff was cut from the DC. WINNER!
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Originally Posted by bigdaddyhorse View Post
No matter how Zack feels about it, it's my favorite version cuz more Watchmen is always better than less!
I think the evidence that he actually considers the DC his preferred cut is anecdotal at best. Of course its called "The Director's Cut" but the story behind all these versions is a bit more complicated.

The original intention was to include "Tales from the Black Freighter" as highly-stylized live-action scenes within the film itself. Picture something like Snyder's "300" cut into the bulk of the movie which has a more natural/realistic look by comparison. Snyder even wanted Gerard Butler to star in these scenes. The budget didn't allow it so they were cut.

It would be left at that in the case of most movies but the fact that they managed to find a way to produce some version of that content speaks volumes for the important placed on "TotBF" by Snyder. When faced with the fact that the content was incorporated back into the film in fairly short order after the initial release pretty much reveals the home video release to be budgetary wheeling and dealing. Warner has a home video department. Warner has an animation department. On paper the animation was done as a direct-to-video release. But it is apparent that it was already intended to be in the film. The Bernie scenes wouldn't have been filmed otherwise.

As for the official "Director's Cut" that was merely Snyder's final cut of the movie assembled long after he knew "TofBF" would not be included in the theatrical feature of the movie. The shorter theatrical cut only exists to comply with IMAX limitations.

So basically if not for IMAX there would be no theatrical cut, and if not for budgetary decisions made in pre-production the film would have included "TofBF", and thanks to home video that ideal version is now widely available and now ideally the compromised theatrical and directors cuts will become footnotes in the film's history.
"My boys are 8, 10 and 12 and never saw the SE editons or the PT until I had ingrained in them the UOT over and over again and again. They do not like the PT nor the SE editions at all to this day." -LAdodgers
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