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Old 04-18-2016, 08:01 AM   #621
levcore levcore is offline
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Jun 2011
The Citadel

Is there anywhere I can get a definitive list of ALL slasher movies of recent years? I guess they will mostly be DTV but i'm looking to see what I've missed out on lately and it can be tricky finding a list of JUST slasher movies. It doesn't matter if I can only get them on DVD in the UK.
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swampwater (11-18-2016)
Old 10-01-2016, 06:37 PM   #622
DEF! DEF! is online now
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Jul 2010

It's the first of October or should I say Slashtober. If all goes to plan I'm going to dip into the slasher movie blu-ray collection every day. I thought it might be fun if someone else fancies looking through my collection and picking tonight's viewing...

My Slasher Movie Blu-ray Collection

I know many don't consider giallo slashers but if it's in that list then I count it as one.

What's my first watch then?
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Old 10-01-2016, 11:11 PM   #623
DEF! DEF! is online now
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Jul 2010

The first film has been selected and its a 80s corker of neon clothes and shoulder pads. The Slashtober Slasher Movie Marathon begins with Scorpion's BD of Sorority House Massacre. A movie I've only seen once before and barely remember.

I remember not being into this last time round. It must have been an off day or I was tired or something. This is great fun. Loads of astonishingly garish neon shoulder pads and running up the stairs rather than out of the front door.

Feel free to suggest tomorrow's pick.
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Old 10-02-2016, 02:09 AM   #624
Mondo Bizarro Mondo Bizarro is offline
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Jun 2010
Not of This Earth

Good pick DEF! and an impressive collection of slashers you've got there! I really need to get a region free player for all those region B titles I'm missing out on. I'm thinking of popping in The Burning again tonight after I wrap up Microwave Massacre.
"Every beast ought to lick his own wounds."

My Criterion Collection
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DEF! (10-02-2016)
Old 11-01-2016, 10:49 PM   #625
DEF! DEF! is online now
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Jul 2010

Over October I thought I'd hace a little fun and watched a slasher movie a day. every day I had another person select the film of their choice from collection. It was great fun and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I was pretty regid in my rules of what ever got picked I HAD to watch. This led to me watching a few I probably never would have watched again and actually really made me appreciate hem much more.

It's statistics time people...


31 Slasher movies over 31 days

9 different people chose the films
8 were men
2 were women

1. Sorority House Massacre - 1986
2. The Collector - 2009
3. The Collection - 2012
4. Girls Gone Dead - 2012
5. Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh - 1991
6. The Burning - 1981
7. Stitches - 2012
8. Triangle - 2009
9. You Can't Kill Stephen King - 2012
10. Suspiria - 1977
11. Drive-In Massacre - 1976
12. Midnight Meat Train - 2008
13. Candyman - 1992
14. The Prowler - 1981
15. Peeping Tom - 1960
16. Dream Home - 2010
17. Bloody Mary 3D - 2011
18. Grizzly Park - 2008
19. Hatchet - 2006
20. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil - 2010
21. The Bloodstained Shadow - 1978
22. The Toolbox Murders - 1978
23. Madison County - 2011
24. Child's Play 2 - 1990
25. Seed of Chucky - 2004
26. The Ward - 2010
27. D-Tox - 2002
28. Lost After Dark - 2015
29. See No Evil - 2006
30. Blood Runs Cold - 2011
31. Friday the 13th part 2 - 1981

1 film from the 1960's
4 films from 1970's
4 films from 1980's
3 films from 1990's
8 films from 2000's
11 films from 2010's

2012 was the year that the most slasher films came from of any one year, which totalled 4.

2010, 2011 and 1981 were runners up with 3 slasher films each

The most films from any 5 year period was easily the 14 that came from between 2008 and 2012

2765 minutes was the total number of time spent watching slasher films over 31 days.

Which is just over 46 hours or nearly 2 full days.

109 minutes was the longest slasher movie, The Bloodstained Shadow aka Solamante Nero.

61 minutes was the shortest slasher movie, Drive-In Massacre as it was the TV edit.

18 of the films were produced by the USA, which was easily the most prolific region.

Of the remaining productions 7 were co financed by various different countries.

6 of those co productions were also part financed by the USA.

The remaining countries of origin are as follows...

2 from Italy
1 from Ireland
1 from UK
1 from Hong Kong
1 from Canada
1 co production from UK & Australia

3 of the movies featured special make up and effects by Tom Savini.

Now for a few fun spoiler free grizzly halloween stats...

10 of the Killers from the 31 slasher movies wore masks.

18 of the 31 films I could find approximate bodycounts for...

163 victims

Of which,

80 were male victims

83 were female

20 ft square is the average size of a grave

Which means the combined carnage of these movies is...

3260 square feet of graves

3 hours was the average time to dig a grave by hand

Which means it would take...

489 hours to dig their graves or over 20 full days.

432 callories per hour digging holes which would mean...

211248 callories would be burnt in total.

Which is equal to...

6213 bags of treat size Haribo. (A heck of a lot of doors to knock on next Halloween.)

2, the number of thumbs of the guy who wrote this that enjoys slasher movies! (Points to self with thumbs)

Until next year slashfans...

Last edited by DEF!; 11-01-2016 at 11:15 PM.
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philzilla (11-02-2016)
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