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Old 02-17-2016, 12:18 AM   #101
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I think it's about reclaiming part of your childhood, nostalgia that brings with it happy memories. There are also some games that were made which we just don't really see today. They may be simple in comparison to what we have now, but what fun they were and still are. Perhaps some things try to be too serious or complicated these days.
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DJR662 (10-05-2016)
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Hate being late to the party but I have been away a long while.

What is great about retro-gaming is dropping your coins in the slot, or plopping on the couch, and zoning out. Maybe it was just for 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe you played for hours on end.

But you lived in a virtual world of exploding pixels and dying a thousand deaths to reach your objective. Which was to complete the game and start all over again for the fun of it - or better score.

These days I have less time and less life to spend on retro gaming as I already neglect my Xbox 360. Retro gaming is not something I really do these days because I want to experience some of the new stuff.

Well, that and World of Tanks has taken over my gaming life.
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