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Old 07-11-2010, 02:24 PM   #1
Moviefan2k4 Moviefan2k4 is offline
Blu-ray Champion
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Mar 2010
Montgomery, TX
Default "Mega Man" Games: What's Your Fave, and Why?

OK, at the risk of starting a monumental forum war, this topic is generally intended for respectful, civilized debate regarding the "Mega Man" gaming franchise. So, with that in mind, please follow the age-old standard: if you can't be honorable in here, its best to remain quiet.

Now that the "rules" are firmly in place, here's my picks; what's yours?

Mega Man 2 - NES
Mega Man 3 - NES
Mega Man 6 - NES
Mega Man 7 - SNES
Mega Man X - SNES
Mega Man X4 - PS1
Mega Man: The Power Battle - Arcade
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Old 07-11-2010, 02:41 PM   #2
Secretagentnumber6 Secretagentnumber6 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
Secretagentnumber6's Avatar
Mar 2008
St Louis Area

Mega Man 2 is my favorite. I did not play much of them after that but it is one of my favorite games all time.
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Old 07-11-2010, 02:48 PM   #3
Galactus Galactus is offline
Blu-ray Knight
Galactus's Avatar
Jan 2008

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X [PSP] (Wish they would make part 2 dammit, it looks amazing)
Mega Man 8 [PS1]
Mega Man X4 [PS1]
Mega Man 7 [SNES]
Mega Man X5 [PS1]

And there we have it! My top five all time favorite MM games

I hope they someday make a movie.
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Old 07-14-2010, 05:46 PM   #4
Moviefan2k4 Moviefan2k4 is offline
Blu-ray Champion
Moviefan2k4's Avatar
Mar 2010
Montgomery, TX

Well, since no one's taken the time to add their reasons why certain games are their faves, I'll take the lead myself. Here goes...

Mega Man 2

This was the one that started it all for me, or at least what shoved my enthusiasm for the series into high gear. I don't remember which one I played first, this or the original, but this one was played much more often. Looking back, its kind of sad that half the bosses in Dr. Wily's castle are vulnerable to Quick Man's weaponry, but this game still holds a huge nostalgia factor for me. The colors, music, powerups, everything...9/10 all the way for me!

Mega Man 3

What the second game did for nostalgia in my life, the third did for difficulty. Even now, I still have problems beating all the Robot Masters, particularly Shadow Man and the different versions of Doc Robot, who essentially ressurects himself 8 times with the weapons of bosses from "Mega Man 2". This one is also memorable for introducing Proto Man to the series' canon.

Mega Man 6

OK, can anyone say with a straight face that even though this game was dated when it premiered, it didn't rock like crazy? The villains, Castle stages, music, awesome combos for Rush the Robo-Dog...I'd still love to find a cartridge of this someday.

Mega Man 7

I never did get very far in this one, but I remember being very impressed with the facelift afforded by the upgrade to the SNES' hardware. All kinds of stuff got amped up, making for one huge thrill-ride for any fan of the franchise.

Mega Man X

Continuing the kickass tradition that started with the seventh entry, "X" introduces a lot more characters, and challenges to boot. I loved all the suit upgrades, and how cool was Capcom in granting X his own version of Ryu's fireball from "Street Fighter II"?

Mega Man X4

Quite possibly the one Playstation game that ticked me off the most, I still have a few fond memories of playing this one. The final boss gave me the hugest headache though, since I kept losing so many times.

Mega Man: The Power Battle

This one is in my faves list for one reason: its like a huge, highly-detailed coin-op version of "Mega Man 2", and playing it that way thrilled me like crazy.
"I (may) disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." ~Evelyn Beatrice Hall~

"The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." ~Dennis Prager~

"Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them."
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Old 07-15-2010, 01:02 AM   #5
Propellarhead9 Propellarhead9 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
Propellarhead9's Avatar
Jul 2009
Clarksville, Indiana

I would have to say Mega Man X is my favorite. It's the only one I've ever completely played through.
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Old 07-15-2010, 04:04 PM   #6
Gaius Marius Gaius Marius is offline
Power Member
Gaius Marius's Avatar
Apr 2009

Mega Man 2 The first MM game I played, and I loved it! I like the level and boss design. The weapons were a little overpowered (Metal Blade/Quick Boomerang), and the game wasn't as challenging (I made my own challenges, like beating Quick Man first), but damn was it fun to play!

Mega Man 3 Fun game, and really challenging. Those Doc Robots stages were nasty

Mega Man 4 Another great game in terms of robot/level design.

Those are the three Mega Man games that truly stand out to me. 5 and 6 were formulaic. 7 didn't do too much. 8 was decent. I also don't care too much for the first one. It is hard to see how the series started with the clunky, and very difficult, fist game. I consider Mega Man 2 the game that truly started the series and craze.

Oh, and Mega Man 9 rocks! Great challenge and gameplay! Haven't played 10 yet.
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Old 04-30-2011, 11:11 AM   #7
MikeDaWiz MikeDaWiz is offline
Blu-ray Knight
MikeDaWiz's Avatar
Aug 2009
Corpus Christi, TX

Mega Man 3 for me. This was the Only Mega Man Game I owned. The Music alone makes it worth having. I know what some may think. A 8-bit game and you say the Music is the best part?
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Old 05-03-2011, 05:15 AM   #8
Greenboom98 Greenboom98 is offline
Special Member
Greenboom98's Avatar
Feb 2010

Mine will have to be
Mega Man IV

Reason is because it was the first MM game I ever played. Have many found memories of the game. The soundtrack is just absolute killer. Skull Man's stage anyone? Ring Man? I can go on and list every stage theme. Game wasn't too hard like other MM games too. Difficulty is just right. That's one thing I liked about it.

Then I'll have to say
Mega Man IX
The retro in full effect! Game was a bit harder than MMIV, but still awesome! Music again, wins in this one. Great game overall.
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Old 05-06-2011, 03:17 PM   #9
TLeeTx2012 TLeeTx2012 is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
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Nov 2009
Lexington, KY

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Old 01-08-2013, 07:36 AM   #10
metaridley metaridley is offline
Feb 2012

Classic: Mega Man 7

Haters gonna hate and maybe it's my undying devotion to the SNES but this one is the funnest for me to play. If we're talking 8-bit, I'm gonna have to go with 5, followed by 3.

Mega Man X is my favorite of them all, though. If you're a MM veteran like me, it's pretty easy but I've played MMX so many times and love everything about it. Best soundtrack, serious storyline, great bosses and as always, a truly badass pair of Sigma battles.
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Old 02-17-2013, 05:14 AM   #11
JLaw1719 JLaw1719 is offline
Senior Member
JLaw1719's Avatar
Jan 2012

Definitely 2 for the NES. I like all of them for NES and the first Mega Man X, but I haven't played any since. 2 wasn't as hard, it had the best music, levels, and bosses of the series to me. Definitely a top 5-10 game on the NES for me.
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Old 01-07-2014, 07:32 PM   #12
knicks999 knicks999 is offline
Active Member
knicks999's Avatar
Dec 2011
Jax, Fl

of the ones i've played so far it would go:

Megaman 3 , ( i really liked the layout on this one. i like the last Wily fight too)
Megaman 5 (first Beat, he was a great add on)
Megaman 2 good game but that last Wily fight was brutal. there was no way to dodge most of his hits
Megaman 6 (love the bots in this one, Centaur Man and Yamato Man, Beat was in it too but not much help)
Megaman (so classic, that fight with the yellow devil was tough! took a lot of practice to get past that)
Megaman 7 good game, the shop was kind of cool.
Megaman X (fun game, but just not as good as the original series, i thought this was one was my favorite for years and then i played all of the originals)
Megaman 4 (didnt know that you need to detonate the missiles you fire, i died so many times before i found this out, everything would bounce off Wily) the hardest of the endurance runs too
Megaman X3 (the last boss is pretty much impossible unless you get the Sabre, which kind of feels like cheating. the chips are a good addition though.

i havent played 8, or X2 yet.

Last edited by knicks999; 05-19-2014 at 01:26 AM.
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Old 03-20-2014, 09:14 AM   #13
Agent Bond Agent Bond is offline
Blu-ray Knight
Dec 2008
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mega Man X followed by Mega Man 4.
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