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Old 03-30-2016, 07:56 PM   #241
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Oct 2014
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Originally Posted by Rizor View Post
The poor image quality on the Blu-ray (as I perceive it) has nothing to do with the 35 mm source or the scanning techniques. It's the digital tools they used to clean it up. Too much DNR and edge enhancement which may have been applied back in 2007 and seems to be baked into their master. What may have looked good downrezzed to 480p back then doesn't cut it on Blu-ray. I'd be fine with a soft looking transfer if it looked like film. I'd even be fine with some light dirt and scratches. But the problems I'm seeing on the disc are the result of too much electronic processing.

Take a look at the edges surrounding the people in this shot. Film just doesn't look like this.
I just picked up the Blu-ray yesterday, and that particular shot (The one that I captured!) looks OK at 720p on my PC Laptop. By comparison, the same shot from the DVD looks a bit soft, and the edging while less pronounced, is still a bit noticeable to me.

Visually, my preference leans towards the Blu-ray, although I do believe it could benefit from a fresh 4K restoration!

In addition, the Bonus Features all look like HD to me, despite most of them being listed as 480i within the Review, and the mixed 480i/1080i desgination within the Blu-ray liner notes! The average bitrate of around 15 mbps + is certainly indicative of it to me!


EDIT: Upon rechecking THE BEATLES IN HELP! 30 minute Documentary, I did notice some stair stepping in a Print Screen capture, so I suppose 480i is a possible setting for some of the extras. What strikes me as odd is the MPEG-4 AVC type and 15 mbps average bitrate, and a file size of close to 6 GB! This seems rather excessive for a 480i (If that's what it is!) video, no?

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