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Old 08-02-2016, 05:21 PM   #101
segagamer12 segagamer12 is offline
Expert Member
Nov 2011

Man I have been through this very debate a thousand times on a dozen or more video game websites. I always go back to the 16 bit era myself more than any other.

For me, as blasphemous as many might think, I prefer the Genesis warts and all over the SNES in a lot of ways most of the time.

I love the SNES it had some great classics but most of the games on it were ports or sequels, very few truly original games just damn near perfect iterations of the games that came before.

Genesis was largely original or new to console games. It had a ton of great games and for the most part if there was something on SNES, Genesis had a pretty good equivalent or alternative. Not in every single case but for the most part. Also a lot of times aside from minor miniscule graphics things that only nerds pick a part, the Genesis often had the superior 3rd party port if a game was on both consoles. Not always but generally speaking this tended to be the case. After the fall of Sega, Saturn and Dreamcast especially, gamers sort of retroactively labeled the Genesis crap or not as good as SNES but it sold better for the entire time they were actually competing and SNES didn't overtake them until Sega abandoned Genesis for Saturn, a move that cost them their console future.

History has been re-written to make Nintendo look better than they are and don't get me wrong, despite my username, I LOVE Nintendo but honestly I think Genesis is the stronger console for the most part. Sure there are a few top notch games on SNES that push it over the top, mostly 1st party, but they are ALL Sequels, Sega just had more original games.

Also on its own yeah the Sega CD is terrible, but add it to the Genesis and the Genesis itself looks so much better. I won't defend 32X, it adds very little to the Genesis but those 34 games still count as part of a Genesis owners library since you know you still had to own a Genesis to play them.

I love Sega Genesis. YES most people will stick to their guns and defend the SNES, most of the time I tend to lean towards it also because every game I play on it is a gem, but then I realize with SNES I find myself replaying the same 15 to 30 games, I have over 60 games I replay regularly on Genesis and I think they both have great classics.

Unfortunately Genesis only works in the vacuum of the 90's as a modern retro console it is the weaker of the two when you start to realize that sure there is ONE Super Mario game, Super Mario World, compared to FIVE Sonic games, that ONE Super Mario game beats three of the five Sonic games no contest, the other two can hold their own but it's still overall a better experience to play Super Mario World than it is all five Sonic games. But then I remember it's always that way with Nintendo they have typically ONE great game per franchise/genre and that is it, Sega at least tried to give gamers both quality and quantity whereas Nintendo made the excuse less is more.

Sadly it didn't stick Sega fell from grace and today's Sega is trash, very hard to defend let a lone root for but Nintendo is still doing the same old thing, blinding people with one or two GREAT games and filling the rest of the year with minor crap or, empty shelves.

I love Nintendo and I would pick NES over SNES mostly because it was at least still largely original and had THREE great Mario games. But I always go back and forth, usually declaring it a tie after an agonizing debate.

In the end I objectively think the SNES is slightly, maybe 10 percent at most, better than Genesis, but I tend to favor Genesis one the memories although I had both, and two, it offered more original games than SNES. They both had their strengths and weaknesses so I usually just call it a tie and walk away.

So that is my official answer my favorite console of all time is the SNES with Genesis a very, very close second place. Oddly enough Game Cube is my next one on the list try to figure that out. Nope I changed my mind Sega all the way, especially once you add Sega CD. Damn it I hate these threads.
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Old 08-03-2016, 12:10 AM   #102
BillyTeddy BillyTeddy is offline
Junior Member
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Aug 2016

I honestly can't just pick one, so, I'll pick 3.
Super Nintendo: One of my first gaming consoles. Still own it and it has one of the best games ever. I fondly remember playing Super Mario World all the time and Star Fox.
NES: My first gaming console, also still own it, and it still surprisingly works. My first game ever that I played was Duck Hunt.
PlayStation 1: Even though I have more fond memories with the N64, I like better the PS1's library of games. Even though I don't have a PS1, I have a PS2 where I can play my PS1 games. Metal Gear Solid alone convinced me to buy a PlayStation.
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