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Old Yesterday, 09:41 PM   #35221
dissention dissention is offline
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Dec 2011

Originally Posted by trentdiesel View Post
I've been on the fence with Ghostkeeper, I'll have to give it a shot
Ghostkeeper is one of the best flicks in the Code Red catalog and fits in nicely with all of those early 80s Canadian horror films. The first time I saw it was on an old B&W TV and now whenever I watch it, I turn the color all the way down and watch it that way. It makes for an even better, creepier experience.
If God exists, why isn't Mo'Nique one of the new Ghostbusters?
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s7e (Today), trentdiesel (Today)
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Braktastic Braktastic is offline
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Nov 2007

Originally Posted by CODE RED DVD View Post
Its a movie I should walked away from. like other labels charging $30-$40 for these type of films. I did $19.99 (I get whopping $11.50) and after all the work I did, the result is wasted.
It begs the question, why are other labels walking away? Is it the condition of the materials, or don't they think the title will sell, or both? If the materials are the issue, perhaps other labels walk away from films that are "beyond repair" because they know releasing those will ultimately hurt their label's reputation for quality.

There's certainly something to be said for taking risks, and I sure a lot of people appreciate it depending on their love for the film in question, but it does lend to what I term the "grab bag" nature of Code Red's A/V quality and ultimately makes me want to wait for reviews here before jumping. And it doesn't make a lot of difference to people if you think you're charging half what your competitors are if you aren't upfront about the condition of the source materials until after they've bought the disc and popped into the player. By then it's too late, people are going to be disappointed no matter what they've paid.
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AKNewbie (Yesterday), Cinema74 (Today), Monroville (Today)
Old Yesterday, 11:42 PM   #35223
DrCushing DrCushing is online now
Junior Member
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Oct 2016

My Code Red order arrived today. Eagerly awaiting digging into the goods:

Sasquatch;Encounter with the Unknown
Kingdom of the Spiders
Dead Pit

I've seen all but the double feature, so I'm open minded before going in.
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Old Today, 02:45 AM   #35224
slasherdisc slasherdisc is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Apr 2011

I just watched OUT OF CONTROL and thought it was a lot of fun! I only noticed the audio issue during the more subtle scenes but it's not as bad as it's being made out to be. The is a great disc for fans I'm glad to finally own it. I LOVE the theme song by The Brothers Johnson, Out of Control!
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gobad2003 (Today)
Old Today, 02:56 AM   #35225
lilboyblu lilboyblu is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
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Apr 2010
United States

I love the fact that Code Red takes chances to release titles that may otherwise never see the light of day. If other labels want to walk away, then fu*k 'em. "Poor elements" or not, if it's something I want, I'm going to get it because it's still going to be better than streaming some shitty 5th generation VHS rip.
A fan of B-Movies and Genre Trash.
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billy pilgrim (Today), Frogtown (Today), gobad2003 (Today), Jonbaker (Today), s7e (Today), slasherdisc (Today), trentdiesel (Today)
Old Today, 03:24 AM   #35226
s7e s7e is offline
Active Member
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Jan 2015

Never heard any talk about In the Aftermath. I was planning to watch this one months ago, but put it off when I saw the back of the bluray and noticed it was an animation-hybrid film. Not because I dislike animation, but I thought this was just a more generic post apocalyptic movie, and I like to watch certain genres of films based on my current mood. Well I finally got around to checking it out and what a odd title for Bill to have compared to the rest of his catalog.

The bluray looks great. The animations are very well drawn and the colors look amazing for the pallet they chose to go with. The mix of realistic post apocalyptic run down mill setting and its sand-tan lifeless color with the colorful animation is an interesting mix. For a low budget flick the story, pacing, and transitions are all done well. Nothing that will blow your mind and it is a bit slow with no action. But I enjoy those kind of films. No features on this one, but glad to have it on bluray, even if the title seems odd for the label. Thanks Bill, for releasing another title you will never sell near what you should.
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billy pilgrim (Today)
Old Today, 03:37 PM   #35227
crikan crikan is offline
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Apr 2010

Originally Posted by Blu_Beard View Post
George Eastman should be interviewed for every film, regardless of whether or not he was involved.
So there was a lot of high praise for the interviews on DELIRIUM and I must say there was no exaggeration. Bava was great but Eastman provided possibly the most entertaining Special Feature ever. He is freaking nasty. What an A-hole. Its so awesome to see that he's not that far from the guy he plays in many of his films. I was laughing so hard my son came downstairs and asked if I was OK. I bought 88 Films' DELIRIUM for the superior artwork and cheaper price, and it was still worth picking up Code Red's just for the special features and instantly noticeable improved picture quality. Bravo Bill, your DELIRIUM disc is essential.

Now I'm going to have to double-dip on Code Red's IRONMASTER. And Bill likes to complain that no one cares about special features on your discs.
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Blu_Beard (Today), mja345 (Today)
Old Today, 04:00 PM   #35228
Boggle Boggle is online now
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Jul 2016

I used to wish there was a David Hess add-on for every movie. Now I wish there was a George Eastman add-on for everything.
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Old Today, 04:16 PM   #35229
Cinema74 Cinema74 is online now
Blu-ray Champion
Jun 2012

I wish Betsy Russell would introduce all Code Red Blu-rays. She'd make a great host.
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