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Old 12-27-2013, 02:11 PM   #141
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Originally Posted by The Great Owl View Post
The Searchers was one of the first Blu-rays that I purchased, and I found it on a five-dollar used rack, of all places. It looks remarkable in high definition.

My personal favorite John Ford movie is Stagecoach. I'm convinced that roughly a third of the movies released after Stagecoach have imitated its basic framework. The Criterion Blu-ray is outstanding and one of the most worthwhile discs in my collection.

The Twilight Time Blu-ray of Drums Along the Mohawk is quite impressive, considering the source material at hand, and Henry Fonda is great in the lead role.

I bought The Grapes of Wrath, Rio Grande, and How the West Was Won recently, but have not watched them yet. They're in my January stack.

I want The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but, although the UK disc is region free, I've been holding out for a U.S. release.
The Searchers does look fantastic.

I'm definitely going to look into buying more of his titles in the future. Next time there is a flash sale of Criterions I'm definitely picking up Stagecoach!

I might roll the dice on The Grapes of Wrath as well, seeing as how it's almost always on the "Greatest Films of All Time" lists.
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When it comes to the works of John Ford on blu-ray, don't forget How Green was my Valley. It is another great Ford classic; in one of the supplements, it is mentioned that late in his life he chose HGWMV out of all his body of work as his personal best to showcase at a retrospective on great directors. The film chronicles life in a late 19th Century mining community and how changing times result in loss of a way of life and its effects on a large multi-generational family of coal miners. I watched it a few days ago, it fits nicely into a pantheon of Ford films sharing themes of social injustice, Irish-Welsh working class society, and old country values, including The Grapes of Wrath and The Quiet Man. People mostly remember it today as the film that beat out Citizen Kane for the best picture Oscar, and for John Ford winning best director.

I guess I am a contrarian to the general art-house and critical views that have developed over the intervening years - Citizen Kane is lauded as the greatest American film ever made, but I enjoy How Green was my Valley a lot more than Welles' epic, and agree with the academy's choice at the time. The supplements delve into the academy's decision and how the impact of HGWMV's mix of traditions, family values, social upheaval, the life of a mining community, their shared joys, loss, and pain, all arriving at the cusp of America's entry into WWII resonated with the public in a way Welles' film never could.

How Green was my Valley is the film that launched child actor Roddy McDowell into stardom, and when you watch his performance in this film, you will understand why he generated so much praise. Also in a breakout role is 19-year old Maureen O'hara a decade before she starred in The Quiet Man.
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Originally Posted by oildude View Post
When it comes to the works of John Ford on blu-ray, don't forget How Green was my Valley. ...
Good call. I just pulled the trigger, since this is another nice title to grab while my trial Amazon Prime membership is still in effect. I pick up this Blu-ray of How Green Was My Valley every time I see it in the Movie Stop down the street, but it's a lot cheaper online.

Beating Citizen Kane out of Best Picture is perfectly okay, although I love that film dearly. Beating The Maltese Falcon out of Best Picture...well...that's something else altogether.

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