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Old 06-21-2015, 10:49 PM   #6001
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Originally Posted by 42041 View Post
Although it's less processed, considering it's still far from a high-end modern transfer, that part is debatable.
The movie was shot on extremely grainy high speed stock and the transfer is a good 13 years old at this point (from IP materials) so all that considered I think the untouched master looks really nice for what it is. No-one should be touting it as the greatest thing evar, but for me it's a HUGE step up from the nasty-assed Blu-ray.
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Old 06-22-2015, 03:17 AM   #6002
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Originally Posted by filmmusic View Post
It depends on anyone's preferences.
There are people that hate grain and those who like it.
To the former the Bluray will look better, and to the latter the other one.
DVD : The link I was referring to is clearly labeled : “Bluray vs. HDTV”.

Filmmusic : You’re totally right about that second image, pardner, the DE BD looks very, very waxy. I was “on the fly” at the time and totally bypassed the second link.

The thing is, all I have is the BD set and I enjoyed it when I last watched it. I’m not gonna watch it on TV and I don’t hunt down files and try to “make my own” BDs, so it’s all moot to me. I find these discussions to be more meaningful when it’s a comparison of existing BDs. For example, many find the new 20th Anniversary Apollo 13 release to be light years better than the 15th Anniversary version. I wasn’t convinced by the caps (yes, I know, sacrilege) - and screen-size apparently comes into play - but I’m price-watching and eventually I’ll get it and know firsthand - on my screen. With BTTF, all I can do is hope for a remaster/new transfer/whatever.
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