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Originally Posted by blurayisnice View Post
Or it maybe costs more when ordering less? I mean, the 4,000 print run might give retailers a big discount or something...

A exclusive steelbook would be so cool... . Like making a few designs and people can vote. The design that wins will be produced and everyone who paid for the production (like every member who is interested pays $20 or something) gets 1 copy .
The exclusive would have to have all of the faces of everyone who was in on the order photoshopped onto the case somewhere!
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Originally Posted by rickah88 View Post
I decided to send Zavvi an email inquiring about this(and the others), and here is what I got:

Thank you for getting in touch about the Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull steelbook.

We have up to now been unable to secure an order for this our buyers are working on getting this in.

If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Rachael Customer Service Team

I wonder if that means some other outfit(Amazon?) is also trying to order these? Which makes me wonder how these exclusives are obtained? Bidding, that couldn't be it as Amazon could easily outbid Zavvi. Is there a contract drawn up?
Somebody needs to ask this Wreck guy to get to the bottom of these releases. They are all too good, not to see the light of day.
No Zavvi's buyers are negotiating a deal with the distributor. If they think they can sell X number of units at a price they want then the vendor (distributor) will go ahead and produce the Steels. This type of packaging will be exclusive to Zavvis standards. That is why Walmart has "Metal Packs". Steelbook makes exclusive packaging (the actual case) and BBY, Zavvi and whoever, use THEIR artwork.

Bottom line is the distributor has the disc content and they are negotiating the packaging only. (Packaging includes extras on the disc)
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