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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)
Old Yesterday, 05:28 PM   #1521
AlexIlDottore AlexIlDottore is online now
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Jan 2014

Originally Posted by nikon76 View Post
I see your point and touche. You missed a lot of my point which was my annoyance with announcing a film years before the release. You missed a lot more of my points, too but I'm not gonna rehash em all. You can re-read my shit or you can just try to "handle" people lol. I see your point, you're right, but you're butt plugging on one thing and not factoring in anything else connected and this is after I calmed down and humbled myself.

And actually, I dont see anyone trying to hold back all the info about the process of "doing it right" and the rights war and all that other shit I DONT want attached to a film fave of mine, personally. I'm just a consumer, but I'm gonna talk any shit I wanna talk if I'm buying the product and that includes my concerns about shitty marketing mistakes and biting off more than you can chew.

And "notoriety" is not exclusive as a definition to "fame and fortune". Again, ya missed it. But I understand why.

Dude, that's ALL that stands out when you post.
"Bastard must have died."
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Old Yesterday, 05:45 PM   #1522
nikon76 nikon76 is offline
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Sep 2015

Originally Posted by AlexIlDottore View Post

Dude, that's ALL that stands out when you post.
I'm devastated we're not gonna be friends. lol
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Aug 2012
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darkness2918 (Yesterday)
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nikon76 nikon76 is offline
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Sep 2015

Robert Rodriguez workin that feedbag lol
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