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Old 10-22-2014, 09:40 AM   #421
Brodo Faggins Brodo Faggins is offline
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Jul 2008

Originally Posted by camper View Post
See that's where you're wrong, I could care less if my point is proven right or wrong. However, if you go back to what I said (I keep saying this, yet nobody is doing it) you'll see that what I said was as you get older soundtracks become less and less important to the movie going experience unless they are epic in scale. That is what comes with age.
It's 'could NOT care less'.

Fair point. But answer you still listen to the same music you did when you were 10, 20, 30, or beyond? Does your father listen to Katy Perry or ELO? How about Green Day, caught your grandfather rocking out to it lately?

Of course age has something to do with how you feel about music. As you age tastes and opinions change, they become more refined. If you are the same person and like the exact same things you did in your teens, 20s, 30s, and beyond you have not experienced growth as an individual.
This comment is in the running for 'moronic comment of the year'.

Again, my opinions on the soundtrack are what they are. I've stated them clearly that I personally think the music is garbage and generic. I don't need to explain that any more than anyone else needs to defend it. I have no doubt others like it, some very much. Those that do are all sitting in the same circle "thanking" each other for having the same opinions as each other. Its all personal taste.
I've seen the film twice and the soundtrack did nothing for me, despite being a fan of scores, yet I thanked one of those posts. There goes another one of your bullshit theories.

But hey, for what its worth I apologize for coming off as condescending. That is seriously not my intent, and completely not what I'm about.

And come on now've been here a while. You know as well as I do it takes no effort on the part of anyone to say something that is going to elicit a response on this board. This place has always been one to dive in and 'attack' anyone who disagrees with the consensus in a particular thread.
Quit trying to pass your opinions off as facts and being dismissive if people have not experienced life the way you have. It makes you look like a complete moron.
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