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View Poll Results: Who will be National Champions on Championship Monday?
Kentucky Wildcats 4 57.14%
Connecticut Huskies 3 42.86%
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Old 04-19-2014, 01:43 AM   #4641
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There was a Q&A with NCAA President Mark Emmert on Twitter yesterday for the Mike & Mike show. Predictably it was a disaster for Emmert. Here are some of the questions.

Red Cup Rebellion ‏@RedCupRebellion
#askemmert how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck profited off of the work of unpaid labor under the guide of amateurism?
Kristopher Robben @Phaetonv2
#askemmert Do you think slave owners would have prolonged slavery just a bit longer if they called it "amateurism"?
Eitan Cramer @eitancramer
@MikeAndMike how do you justify exploiting 19 & 20 year olds for the sake of "amateurism"? #AskEmmert
Eitan Cramer @eitancramer
@MikeAndMike Why are coaches allowed to leave whenever they want, but athletes are held back by transfer rules? #AskEmmert
Eitan Cramer @eitancramer
@MikeAndMike why are all students except student-athletes allowed to earn a living? #AskEmmert
Thomas B @tru2psu
What was the graduation percentage of athletes when you were the Chancellor of Conn & LSU #askemmert
bob verber @bobverber
@MikeAndMike #AskEmmert how can someone whose salary exceeds $1.5m argue in good faith that athletes shouldn't get greater share of ncaa $s?
LBerkland @Berkland4
How do you justify vacating victories for players & a coach who weren't involved in any crime? #AskEmmert
Daniel Mormak @DevilDan09
@MikeAndMike @espngolic @SedanoESPN #AskEmmert how does it feel to oversee the end of the @NCAA ?
Marie DC @mariedc1
UCONN's graduation rate is 8%. Are these really STUDENT athletes? #AskEmmert
ryan van bibber ✔ @justRVB
#AskEmmert Have you considered hired goons? Fire hoses? Pinkertons?
Alex @cougarhokie
#AskEmmert do you not want kids to unionize because that might mean you actually have to give kids money for using their likeness?
EastDerp Bunny @Pile_of_Derp
#askemmert does running a cartel like the NCAA kept your penis erect all the time
Glenn Davis @glennrd
#AskEmmert Was trying to shield a morally bankrupt institution from a rising tide of public disgust the reason you got into higher education

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