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Old 06-06-2014, 06:52 AM   #1361
CobraVerde CobraVerde is offline
Feb 2014

Originally Posted by McCrutchy View Post
When digital technology reaches the quality of large format (65-70mm) film, which is probably somewhere around 8K, on a straight resolution basis.

This is why the switch to all-digital has really been a terrible mistake. While older movies shot on film stocks will continue to improve with new scans bringing out more of the film's inherent resolution, there are now hundereds of films that are essentially "locked" at 2K resolution because of effects shots or even the camera technology.

In my humble opinion, we should not have switched over until digital had eclipsed film resolution.
Yeah, but there's already talk of software that can "upscale" 2K films by letting the computer add pixels. So I wouldn't say anything is ever going to final, until the film medium as we know it is dead and everyone is watching 3-D holograms of movies.
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Blu-Velvet Blu-Velvet is offline
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Nov 2011

Originally Posted by Maxwell Everett View Post
Film resolution at which stage, though? With 8K (65mm) or 4K (35mm), you're talking about the resolution of the negative, and no one ever sees that exhibited. Because film is an analog medium and needs to go through several print stages, by the time you get to the final release print stage, there's just around 1.9K horizontal resolution on a standard 1.85:1 print. Then, when you run it through the mechanism of a projector, the image degrades even further due to things like gate weave and the imperfections in the optics. Once you're looking at the image on the screen, you'd be lucky to be seeing what, maybe 1.5K of horizontal resolution?

I would argue that a 2K digital cinema package projected on a high-end 2K projector already exceeds the capabilities of antiquated 35mm release print exhibition -- and that's really where the rubber meets the road anyway for the general public. So, in that sense, it was eclipsed as soon as full 4:4:4 RGB 1920 x 1080 image capture was available along with 2K projection. So, 10 years ago?
Well, you're talking about modern multiplex theatres with mediocre equipment maintenance, running mass-produced theatrical release prints ground out from dupe negatives to meet opening-date deadlines for 2000+ screens. Before JAWS and STAR WARS, theatrical release prints were usually struck from the camera negatives (and theatres at that time and before had projectionists who knew how to keep their equipment working properly up to spec).

Higher quality 35mm film stocks today let prints go through more generations before duplication degradation becomes as obvious as it was in the 1970s-80s and before. Not to mention that over the past 30-40 years of release printing from dupe negatives, there would generally be several "showprints" struck from camera negatives for the prestige theatres in big cities where major critics and movie stars would be more likely to see them, or used for archive and revival theatre showings. A properly made (and projected) 35mm print (even from a dupe negative) still looks substantially richer than a 2k digital cinema projection, and a carefully step-printed 16mm reduction print struck from a 35mm negative can equal typical 35mm prints.

And getting back to 2001, it was shot on 65mm negative that was drastically sharper than 35mm of its era and many 35mm films of today (especially projected 55 feet wide), whereas the current Blu-ray looks like a pretty decent but not particularly spectacular 35mm print made off a 35mm dupe negative.
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Old 06-06-2014, 08:22 AM   #1363
MacEachaidh MacEachaidh is offline
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Aug 2011
Edge of the Accretion Disc

Originally Posted by GenPion View Post
the original theatrical cut Kubrick released before it was pulled from theaters and re-edited. I want to see the longer cut. Supposedly that footage was found and it could be restored for a re-release down the road...
The footage that was found in the saltmine vault in 2012 was footage Kubrick had removed before the original release cut. It's not the footage that he then removed after the cinema run had started.

Originally Posted by GenPion View Post
Well, the movie wasn't doing too well and that's when edits were made. Then it became a success.
From my understanding, the extra cuts were Kubrick's choice, not because the film wasn't doing well. There was some footage he removed because he felt people weren't understanding what he'd intended (for instance, Bowman returning to Earth and obliterating the bombs because humankind would no longer need such things, which a lot of people thought was Bowman destroying the Earth), but it wasn't a box office issue that prompted the cuts.

I'm curious to see the saltmine footage myself, but probably not edited back into the picture. Chances are that the Kubrick estate would never allow it, anyway.
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Thanks given by:
IronWaffle (06-06-2014)
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JimDiGriz JimDiGriz is offline
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Oct 2010

Originally Posted by eiknarf View Post
Man! I'm late to the game with these classic SciFi blu-ray's.

After years and years, I finally watch Blade Runner and 2001 Space Odyssey on cable, love em, and decide to read up here about the bluray transfer's and pq...etc Everyone says "they're awesome". Even " stunning".

So I buy em both. Blade Runner last year and 2001 this year.

Now I'm reading both kinda need/can use a new transfer.

At what point is a transfer final? At what time can we expect to not double dip?
Ha! I remember saying to myself when I started buying blu-rays..."Im not going down the double-dip route with these like I did with DVD's..."

Did I stick to that? Did I hell! Got worse if anything...some Ive triple-dipped on for different reasons. Maybe even 4 times on one or two as I change my mind etc. Sold all the redundant ones on of course though.
Leo needs new shoes...
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