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Predator (Blu-ray)
The Incredibles 4K (Blu-ray)
4 hrs ago
Community: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
Deadpool 2 (Blu-ray)
15 hrs ago
The 'Burbs (Blu-ray)
7 hrs ago
What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (Blu-ray)
14 hrs ago
The Changeling (Blu-ray)
16 hrs ago
Odds Against Tomorrow (Blu-ray)
My Man Godfrey (Blu-ray)
11 hrs ago
Isle of Dogs (Blu-ray)
Paul, Apostle of Christ (Blu-ray)
Andrei Rublev (Blu-ray)
10 hrs ago
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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Old 04-11-2016, 03:00 AM   #181
Scarface32 Scarface32 is offline
Blu-ray Champion
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Oct 2012
New York

The best number is 73. Why? 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the 12th and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying 7 and 3... and in binary 73 is a palindrome, 1001001, which backwards is 1001001.
Films I'd like to see on Blu-Ray Disc:
Scarface (1932)
ABC Weekend Specials (1977Ė1995) [TV Movies]

I donít believe anyone that refuses to post a source, they just like spreading FUD.
If you're not part of the solution, youíre part of the precipitate.
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Old 04-11-2016, 05:00 AM   #182
tommynorcal tommynorcal is offline
Special Member
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Apr 2011
Brooklyn, NY

Big trouble in little China
Full metal jacket
Shawshank redemption
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Old 04-11-2016, 05:34 AM   #183
UltraMario9 UltraMario9 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Oct 2013
London, England

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
Indiana Jones (All 4)
Terminator 1 & 2
Blade Runner
Mad Max: Fury Road
" ain't got a good script, you ain't got s#!t" - Reggie X

"Put your hands on the car and get ready to die!" - Fergus Beeley

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Old 04-11-2016, 06:29 AM   #184
StephenFS StephenFS is offline
Active Member
Jul 2014
Berkshire, UK

The Big Lebowski, Hudsucker Proxy, Pulp Fiction, Dusk til Dawn, Tropic Thunder, House of Flying Daggers, Lost Highway, Shakespeare in Love, The Fifth Element, Serenity, The Matrix, Iron Man, Time Bandits, Rififi, Angel Heart, Stir of Echoes etc

I think "replay value" is not a constant though. Years ago I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark repeatedly, now I'm not sure I could sit through it again.
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