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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Old 09-26-2013, 01:15 PM   #41
Riddhi2011 Riddhi2011 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
Sep 2011

Originally Posted by Drooch View Post
Oh it was worse than that - the Dino's head was half cut-off, and the humans were cut off below the torso.

My biggest annoyance was the lack of bass throughout. It was as if they cranked the audio way up to compensate for a broken sub, leaving people's voices oppressively loud but the T-Rex sounding like it was on tip-toe.

Never going to LIE-MAX again.
That was probably because the projectionist must have zoomed a bit too much.
And as the 3D frame was already super-cropped, zooming on top of this resulted in a travesty!
I feel so sad when I look at the original framing, and then look at the blurays to realise how badly they have butchered the composition.
Why did they do this, why? Even the Laserdisc was 98% similar to the original framing, but after that it went downhill, as newer formats started arriving.
I hope one day someone, anyone would release the original framed version of JP, with the bigger framing!
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Old 04-25-2014, 03:43 PM   #42
Dubstar Dubstar is offline
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Jun 2008
down at Fraggle Rock

Originally Posted by mediaguy View Post
In fact Universal did create a 15/70 ....

Hi all, I'd like to chime in after watching the IMAX 3D version of JP this weekend. My son and I are lucky enough to live near Henry Ford IMAX which has a 84 ft x 62 ft screen and was showing Print #9 of only 15 made (for the globe) featuring TRUE 15-PERFORATION/70MM IMAX FILM print specially created for this release 3D event. All other versions (including nearly all IMAX theaters) were showing digital versions around the world. The film was comprised of 62 reels and took them 4 days to setup prior to the showing, the booth room (huge room) looks to be configured to ready 3 film-based films at any given time and x number of digital IMAX films.

Universal went all out but only made 15 film-based prints and our local (esteemed) IMAX at the Henry Ford Museum History Museum & Complex was lucky enough to get #9 of the 15 for the 2 week run. My son and I ran to the viewing observation area of the projection booth to see the final credits rolling ... the image, sound, and thrill was awesome throughout!!

I noticed no oddities with the aspect ratio having watched the numerous versions from the earliest home video releases from LD, VHS, DVD, to Blu-ray ... or at least nothing to complain about regarding cropping ... simply beautiful image and the sound ... amazing ... the 3D was understated but enhanced the realism of the moment and the various 'scare moments' seemed to make everyone jump ... what a great ride.
the 15/70 IMAX print is also getting shown this weekend at the Smithsonian's Natural History museum (Sat/Sun: 7:30pm with post film Q&A)
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Old 04-25-2014, 04:15 PM   #43
jceperley jceperley is offline
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May 2008
vancouver, bc

The new IMAX standard aspect ratio is 1.9:1 which means, if anything, JO might be wider. The 1.44:1 hasn't been used much except in the cases where the footage was shot with 15/65 film. Even 15/70 prints of movies reformatted for IMAX (like Skyfall) are letterboxed to 1.9:1.
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Old 06-15-2014, 07:18 AM   #44
Riddhi2011 Riddhi2011 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
Sep 2011

Colin Trevorrow stated that Jurassic World (2015) will be shot in 35mm and 65mm film and framed at a rarely used aspect ratio of 2.00:1, which is wider than 1.85:1 but narrower than 2.40:1. So, it'll compensate on both ends. The IMAX (digital only I'm sure) aspect ratio will be the same.

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