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Old 11-11-2015, 10:02 PM   #1301
octagon octagon is online now
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Originally Posted by StingingVelvet View Post
If his point is "prime directive may have changed after TOS era" though,...
Not may have changed, did change. You don't want to address (or even acknowledge) The Paradise Syndrome but it's really hard to look at that episode and believe the Prime Directive prohibited diverting that asteroid.

Originally Posted by StingingVelvet View Post
I must point out that Enterprise episode where the doctor has to let millions of people die because it's a natural genocide and there is another race on the planet intended to take over. That's way before TOS in the timeline, and Enterprise is canon to the movies. So... there ya go.
I liked Enterprise well enough but wasn't a devoted viewer so I'm not sure which episode you're referencing here. But if it's 'Dear Doctor' I'm not sure your synopsis jibes with wiki's.

Archer, meanwhile, is debating whether to provide the Valakians with Warp drive, ultimately deciding against it. Upon further investigation, Phlox learns that the illness is because the Valakian's gene pool has reached a "dead end" and that the Menk are undergoing an "awakening process." He also finds that the Valakians have been stifling and underestimating the Menk. He has found a cure, but does not believe it would be ethical to administer. Archer considers how a "primary directive" would be helpful, and provides the Valakians with medicine that will diminish the symptoms for a decade, anticipating the Menks' natural evolution and new levels of understanding between them.

Sounds like Archer intervened. Assuming this is the episode you were talking about I have to wonder exactly whose case you were trying to bolster.
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Old 11-11-2015, 11:28 PM   #1302
Whirlygig Whirlygig is online now
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Apr 2011
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Originally Posted by PeterTHX View Post
That's a pretty far bend of the Prime Directive since that society was destined to die from the natural processes of their planet.
I like that episode for the development on Data, and his touching relationship with Sarjenka. But upon forcing myself to analyze the series of events (both via what you describe, and by refreshing my memory on Memory-Alpha's episode summary) I can only conclude that the writers of that episode had no grasp on what they were trying to make the Prime Directive represent, they just wanted to write a few ill-conceived debate scenes. Sounds like the only reason Picard changes his mind is because he has to personally listen to her "whisper in the dark," as he refers to it. So, we are obligated morally to let nature run its course (for pre-warp civilizations, that is)...unless Picard has to hear one of them screaming in terror/agony and then we are obligated morally to save them? What an ass, by any measure.

And as far as pre-vs-post-warp civilizations, either one could end up turning into a galactic menace so why would people following their logic decide that we should help either of them?
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Old 11-12-2015, 01:00 AM   #1303
Arawn Arawn is offline
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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
(though having a portable version goes against the originally scripted concept that you need industrial strength transporters to be able to do it, but whatever)
Somewhere, I think it's the novelization, they work around this by saying that he didn't really transport from outside Daystrom directly to Kronos. It's indicated that a relay of some kind was used, that he first transported to a ship or something in orbit.
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Old 11-12-2015, 10:45 AM   #1304
StingingVelvet StingingVelvet is offline
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Jan 2014
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Originally Posted by octagon View Post
Sounds like Archer intervened. Assuming this is the episode you were talking about I have to wonder exactly whose case you were trying to bolster.
My recollection of Dear Doctor was that they sided with the Doc at the end, but maybe I am wrong. Either way the moral message of that episode was "it's not our right to interfere with the natural evolution of this world," which is the whole point of the prime directive, which is what I keep trying to make clear.

Anyway, you're very focused on TOS examples only (one specific one actually) and I am not a TOS guy at all, so like I said before I will bow out. Agree to disagree. Into Darkness is still a piece of shit for many other reasons either way.
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