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Old 11-10-2012, 12:08 AM   #21
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I'd been upset that (I assumed) Nolan exerted his influence to get Snyder to go 2D only, when Snyder is on record as a fan of the 3D format. I'm excited that it's back on.
Now running in 3D with the LG Cinema 3D (nominally showing 3D in 1080i per eye) 47LW6500 (up-or-down-or-side-graded from a 50" Sammy 3D Plasma) and a Benq W1080ST and a 130" screen.
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Originally Posted by seregloth View Post
I'd been upset that (I assumed) Nolan exerted his influence to get Snyder to go 2D only, when Snyder is on record as a fan of the 3D format. I'm excited that it's back on.
I thought Snyder might also be against 3D like Nolan is, but glad Synder and G. Del Toro are both supporters of 3D with Man of Steel in 3D and Pacific Rim in 3D. And 2D. A choice is a must IMO.

Originally Posted by Will21st View Post
They don't understand that the entire entertainment Industry is invested in this,to the tunes of BILLIONS!!!!
There's no way 3D is going away,this has to succeed,too much hinges on it.

All these are just my observations,but I'd say they're pretty accurate.
I hope so. I think once technology goes glasses free, it'll go mainstream in most homes within the next 10 years (where we hope Blu Ray and Blu Ray 3D is still the current format, HD looking as good as it does in 1920x1080).

The sometimes fickle big budget movie industry gravitates where the money is, and seeing how Avatar 3D raked in over a billion, along with Avengers 3D in 2nd place I'd guess by now, they're supporting 3D. It all boils down to people wanting to watch movies in 3D, and that all boils down to studios giving us strong 3D as seen in Hugo 3D, Silent Hill Revelation 3D, Resident Evil Retribution 3D, Avatar 3D, while offering hopefully much less of Paranorman's weaker 3D, Green Lantern 3D, and the infamous Clash of the Titans 3D as another example of 3D worth avoiding.

Originally Posted by EricJ View Post
Especially since it's conversion--like, WARNER conversions, for example--that are taking most of the heat, and causing the public to think 3D = Crappy 3D Conversion.

We can't stop the studios, but we can help folks learn to tell the difference.
That's true, if the general public sees a poor representation of 3D each time they see a movie, they spread the word that 3D sucks, missing the strong 3D gems out there.

I think 3D depth scripts and 3D storytelling need to go, unless they're starting with "good 3D", and then amping it up to "strong 3D" for the "emotional/action scenes", rather than starting with nearly 2D, weak 3D, as with Paranorman 3D as a recent example (which also has some good 3D in there to be fair).

CGI is a big plus for 3D when it's rendered for a virtual camera rig, as I hope it's being done for the CGI imagery in Man of Steel. (as was done with Avengers 3D and John Carter 3D).
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