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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Old 07-25-2016, 10:36 PM   #701
Bobbyjoe766 Bobbyjoe766 is offline
Bobbyjoe766's Avatar
Jun 2016

I like this film but imo certain aspects hold it back from being great.The scene with Kong on ice in N.Y. was bad and should have been cut.
The action scenes are so over-the-top;Kong battling three T-Rex's and the stampede sequence.
I preferred the extended version with the sea monster(Piranhadon?).A great scene that should have stayed in the theatrical cut.
I'm happy that Jackson kept the depression-era backdrop and gave Kong fans a spider-pit sequence.
I still prefer this to the 1976 effort but either version still can't touch the original classic.
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Old Yesterday, 03:28 AM   #702
Captain Flint Captain Flint is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Apr 2015

Even though the theatrical cut could've been trimmed down, I liked it way more than the extended cut.
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Old Yesterday, 12:42 PM   #703
levcore levcore is offline
Blu-ray Champion
levcore's Avatar
Jun 2011
The Citadel

The stampede sequence and Kong vs 3 V-rex's get the most criticism but to my knowledge they are the only two sequences that were locked in from day one. As a lot of you know, PJ was going to make Kong straight after The Frighteners and a lot pre-production work was done on the movie in the late 90's. One of the key things to come from this was the bust of Kong fighting 3 V-Rex's and the concept of a brontosaurus stampede. This earlier version of Kong was going to have a lot lighter tone, more akin to The Mummy. I recall PJ saying that when Kong didn't happen in the late 90's he requested this bust of Kong fighting 3 V-Rex's himself to have on his desk or something.

While LOTR happened a lot changed with the Kong remake however the two sequences that were always there from the beginning were the stampede and the big Kong/ 3 V-Rex fight.
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Scarriere (Yesterday)
Old Yesterday, 01:52 PM   #704
Leonidas_King Leonidas_King is offline
Blu-ray Baron
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Mar 2010
Miami, FL

This movie still has that epic scope in my eyes. I always like popping in the Blu-ray once in a while just because its that demo material. It looks even nicer upscaled to 4K.
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levcore (Yesterday)
Old Yesterday, 10:48 PM   #705
evilive evilive is offline
Senior Member
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Jul 2015

This is actually a guilty pleasure for me.

I'll usually watch it if I catch it on tv, but man, the stampede scene really annoys me beyond belief. The 'insect pit' scene is pretty damn cool though.
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Old Today, 12:37 AM   #706
jlk5844 jlk5844 is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
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Oct 2011
Arizona, USA

Originally Posted by evilive View Post
This is actually a guilty pleasure for me.

I'll usually watch it if I catch it on tv, but man, the stampede scene really annoys me beyond belief. The 'insect pit' scene is pretty damn cool though.
You shouldn't feel guilty about it.

I don't get what's so annoying about the stampede scene or the V-Rex x3 scene, we see action like that in plenty of blockbusters, before and since. The river barrel sequence in Desolation of Smaug was one of the highlights of that movie! Super fun and entertaining. It's adventure, it doesn't have to be 100% realistic.
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