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Old 11-04-2012, 02:08 AM   #141
Yautja Yautja is offline
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Jan 2008

I had a BDP LX71 and I had nothing but trouble with it even with the latest firmware updates, the player kept locking up or simply freeze which was a real pain because trying to remove or eject the disc took forever
I now have a Cambridge Audio Azur 751 and its a dream player, just love it
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Old 09-22-2013, 12:00 AM   #142
HorrorBlu HorrorBlu is offline
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Jun 2011

My player is becoming increasingly finicky over the past week. Certain blu-rays will not play, they just spin and spin and spin, then finally the screen says "CANNOT PLAY THIS DISC". DVDs seem to be working fine.

Firmware is at 1.72. Tried to upgrade to 1.73, but when I put the disc in it just said "DATADISC" and did nothing. Then made another disc with the European 1.74 firmware, same thing.

Also cleared the memory cache and did factory restore settings.

Is it time to call it quits and buy a new player?
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Old 07-04-2014, 05:07 PM   #143
Flatnate Flatnate is offline
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Sep 2010

Tried playing the 4K restoration of The Good The Bad and The Ugly and it would get the the 20th Century Fox opening and just hang before loading the menu or any more video. Still need to try throwing the disc in the upstairs Sony, and then updating to 1.74 and report back. I hope with the big Pioneer/Onkyo announcement doesn't mean that 1.74 will be the last firmware update.
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Old 07-06-2014, 03:48 AM   #144
Flatnate Flatnate is offline
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Sep 2010

Quick update. Firmware update does clear up the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly playback problem.

Still hoping Onkyo/Pioneer will continue to support this player.
JVC DLA-RS20U D-ILA Projector || Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-ray player || Dishnetwork DTVpal DVR || Marantz AV8801 AV Processor || Mackie HR824 MKII (LCR) , HR624 MKII (rears)
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Old 11-27-2014, 10:33 PM   #145
Pondosinatra Pondosinatra is offline
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Jun 2008
Calgary, Alberta

Just an update....I've been running the last firmware that was released (3.74) for my BDP-23FD just over a year ago. Since then I've had no issues.

I actually think it might have been a previous release 3.72 or 3.73 that seemed to fix things.

I love my player - I actually bought a second one as a backup. Solid, well constructed in an era before players became cheap commodities and I could care less about not having access to BD-Live.
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Old 12-05-2014, 04:50 PM   #146
bentvalve bentvalve is offline
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Sep 2008
couple a steps north of Seattle

Originally Posted by Pondosinatra View Post
I've had my Pioneer BDP-51FD for a couple years now. Never had an issue with it.
[Show spoiler]Recently I tried to play The Road on it but it wouldn't play, noticed a couple months ago a new Firmware was released. Upgraded and it would then play.

However in the past couple weeks I've come across two more releases that won't play.

I'm so tired of every time I buy a movie it being a crapshoot whether it will play or not.

This is beyond ridiculous! I can play the very first DVD ever made in any piece of crap player ever made just fine! But I'm supposed to wait months and hope a new firmware is released just so I can watch my damn Blu-ray movie!?!?

What are they even updating? Blu-ray is supposed to be a Goddamn standard!!!

There should be a class action lawsuit against Sony, Phillips and all other manufacturers!

And before anyone states it a Pioneer issue...I went through the same crap with my Sammy player!
The BDP-51FD was my first BD player so it is pretty old now but its been my bedroom BD player for a long time now and it still works like new.

I only found this thread because I was curious as to why its been so long since the last firmware update / ~10/2013. Again mine works fine but I wonder if Pioneer dropped the BDP-51FD as far as keeping the firmware in good shape goes? I will certainly buy another Pioneer if this one dies, maybe it will last forever!

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last update: 3-27-17
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Old 12-06-2014, 08:58 PM   #147
dwall87 dwall87 is offline
New Member
Jan 2012

the 51FD was my first player but I had the same issues ive currently got a Cambridge Audio 752BD
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Old 01-13-2016, 05:23 PM   #148
Moviefan2k4 Moviefan2k4 is online now
Blu-ray Knight
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Mar 2010
La Porte, TX

My sister has a DMP-51FD hooked up to her living room projector, and it stopped working a few days ago. I updated the firmware to version 1.74, but now every disc gets rejected as unknown. I could buy her a more current player for fairly cheap, but would like to salvage this one if possible. Any ideas?
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Old 01-14-2016, 04:40 PM   #149
HDTV1080P HDTV1080P is offline
Blu-ray Ninja
Jan 2007

Unplug the Blu-ray player power cord for 30 seconds and plug it back in. If that does not fix the problem then perform a factory reset in the menu. Try a audio CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. If a audio CD and DVD work but no Blu-ray discs work then the laser mechanism for Blu-ray discs is most likely defective. If no optical discs work at all then the entire optical drive is most likely defective (laser may need cleaned or out of alignment). You could get the player repaired at a authorized Pioneer dealer, but it most likely is not cost effective. The Pioneer BDP-51FD has some unique features like 1080i component video and 480i S-Video which cannot be found on any new models. A used Pioneer BDP-51FD can be found on Amazon for around $200 (or around $90 on EBAY).

The Pioneer BDP-51FD is a profile 1.1 Blu-ray player with bonus view and if you do not need component video or S-Video outputs, then you should consider a new player. For around $45-$60 you can purchase a Sony Blu-ray player that is profile 2.0 with BD-LIVE that is a lot faster at loading discs and it also comes with 1080P Netflix and VUDU streaming features. The build quality and cosmetic look is better on the Pioneer. You could purchase a OPPO BDP-103D which is the best or one of the best Blu-ray players on the market for $599. If you prefer Pioneer they make the BDP-88FD for $2,000 that is very good quality.

If it turns out the Blu-ray player is defective then I would recommend getting a low cost Sony Blu-ray player for under $60-$100. Then later on in late 2016 or early 2017 if you wanted to upgrade your player you could purchase a new native 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray model from OPPO Digital INC. Pioneer has not announced yet if they plan on releasing a new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player (that is the new format that is coming out this year).

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