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Old 08-24-2009, 08:15 PM   #1
Yeha-Noha Yeha-Noha is offline
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Jan 2008
Default Sony KDL-52V5100 CineMotion and MotionFlow Settings

I have been at wits end trying to make sense of the CineMotion and how to use it for 24p BD movies. I watch mostly Blu-ray movies and leave my Sony BDP-S350 set to auto for 24p output. My S350 player's blue light comes on whenever there is 24p content indicating that it is being sent to the TV. The TV display button indicates that it is receiving 24p content.

The online manual for my model at doesn't clearly explain well enough what this advanced setting actually does:
Automatically detects film-based content and applies an inverse 3-2 pull-down process and a motion estimation engine to improve film content and de-interlacing performance.
  • Off
    Turns off CineMotion.
  • Auto 1
    Applies an inverse 3-2 pull-down process along with motion estimation to obtain the smoothest picture quality and reduces artifacts of moving images. Select for standard use.
  • Auto 2
    Applies only the inverse 3-2 pull-down process. Picture movement will be similar to the original film.
If I watch mostly BD movies which are 24p, shouldn't I just leave CineMotion Off? If it is on, I don't understand the benefit of doing an inverse 3:2 pulldown for a 24p movie on a 120 Hz TV when it should be doing a 5-5 pull-down. Besides being a larger display than my old LCD, the other reason for getting this TV was for the 120 Hz refresh rate. I thought the KDL-52V5100 would do a 5-5 pull-down process automatically. That's what the sales person said anyway. Now, these settings are confusing me. Does turning CineMotion off allow the 5-5 pull-down process to automatically do 5-5 pull-down? It seems to me that 5-5 pull-down is the best way to view 24p content on a 120 Hz TV, not an inverse 3-2 pull-down yet Sony seems to say, no, use inverse 3:2.

I have been leaving Motion Flow Off. I don't know it that is correct or not. I still have yet to any difference between setting MotionFlow to Off vs Standard vs High. The manual doesn't say to keep motion flow off or on for a 120 HZ TV or does it even matter? Here's what Sony says:
Motionflow technology delivers moving images with a clarity and smoothness never seen before in LCD television. It recreates the necessary information to display scenes with a natural flow of movement and free from flickering.
  • Off
    Use this setting whenever the High and Standard settings are displaying video devices (e.g., when there are ghost images).
  • Standard
    Displays crisp moving images. Use this setting for standard use.
  • High
    Displays crisper images for film-based content.
  • Depending on the video being shown, you may not notice such effect.
  • Motionflow is not available when Game Mode is Off.
Anybody familiar with these advanced settings on a Sony Bravia like mine know how to get 5-5 pulldown?

Should I continue setting CineMotion to off?

Should I continue setting MotionFlow to off?

My son who owns the same model as mine, said, 'Where's the 3D effect?' I said, What 3D effect? He set my TV to his settings with Picture = Standard, CineMotion = Auto1, and MotionFlow = Standard, and said, 'That one!' I still didn't see it, but my wife did. She likes it better than than my settings! Now I don't know what these setting should really be set to.
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Old 08-24-2009, 10:43 PM   #2
SlmShdy1 SlmShdy1 is offline
Blu-ray Guru
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Nov 2007
Honolulu, HI PlayStation® PSN: SlmShdy1

Set both to off.
I Do Blu
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Old 08-24-2009, 11:55 PM   #3
donaldheil donaldheil is offline
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Nov 2007

I've also have had some issues with 24p output and cinemotion.

I didn't take the time to find out what the problem was, but I concluded they were not compatible.

So I decided to turn off the 24p feature and leave Cinemotion on (I like it better that way -not sure if it's the best thing to do).

The few answers to your question that have been posted until now seem to confirm the incompatibily issue.
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Old 08-25-2009, 04:49 AM   #4
Yeha-Noha Yeha-Noha is offline
Power Member
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Jan 2008

Thanks guys! Very interesting too.

I think i'll turn them both off as suggested by slmshdy1 first and see how that goes.

After testing that setting, I'll use cnet's picture settings. And Sooner-Blu, thanks for that link! I'll probably set all my custom settings like cnet's. But right now I am most interested in the effect of CineMotion set to Auto1 and Motionflow set to off.

If I do find any issues with 24p, I'll turn it off in my BD player (Sony BDP-S350) and see if that clears them up. I really hate turning 24p off because that's suppose to be most cinema like when viewed on 120/240 hz TVs. If I have to turn 24p off, I could have save over $500 and bought a less expensive but excellent 60 Hz LCD like Samsung's.
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