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Default How to install firmware updates on a standalone Blu-ray player

How to install firmware updates on a standalone Blu-ray player

All Blu-ray players are designed to receive firmware updates. Firmware in a Blu-ray player is the operating system that is located on some type of internal flash memory inside the player. Consumer electronic companies release firmware updates for their players so that improvements and bugs can be fixed. Also the latest BD+ encryption keys can be located in firmware updates so consumers can play the latest BLU-RAY movies.

Most modern day BLU-RAY players allow consumers to update the firmware in the player using several different options. Some BLU-RAY players allow firmware updates to occur by CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW,DVD+R/RW, USB/SD flash memory, wireless Internet, and a wired Internet connection. Older BLU-RAY players that are profile 1.0 or profile 1.1 normally lack an Ethernet jack on the back of the player and require a CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, or DVD+R/RW disc to receive firmware updates.

Below is some of the most reliable ways to install a firmware update on a profile 2.0 (BD-LIVE) BLU-RAY player
(Also works for some profile 1.1 players that have a ethernet jack for firmware updates). Old profile 1.0 BLU-RAY players that have no Internet connection option will need to use a optical disc for a firmware update.

1. **Warning ** You never want to unplug the player power cord or turn off the player during a firmware installation. If there is a power loss or the player malfunctions the internal flash memory where the operating system is located in the player can be totally erased. If this happens the player has to be sent to an authorized service center to have the firmware (operating system) re-installed. Currently no BLU-RAY player that I am aware of has a dual boot BIOS firmware design in case something goes wrong during the update. Some computer motherboards offer two BIOS's in case a firmware update goes bad and hopefully some higher-end BLU-RAY players someday in the future might also offer a dual firmware BIOS design.

2. I recommended purchasing a power backup device to plug the BLU-RAY player into. This will protect the player from power outages and brownouts during a firmware update. A low cost 425 VA/230 Watt power backup device can be purchased from Amazon for under $40. =8-1
For those that would like a higher-end pure sine wave power backup for the entire home theater system including display, surround sound receiver, and other equipment then a 1500 VA/1125 Watt unit can be purchased for around $530. This product is around 70 pounds and produces a nice clean pure sine wave for high-end equipment during a power outage. =1-1

3. If you have a wired home network with CAT6A, CAT6, or CAT5E running in your house then you will want to plug your BLU-RAY player to your home network using an Ethernet patch cable. If for some reason the network jack in your house is not located next to the BLU-RAY player then you can make a temporary connection if there is a jack within 100 feet. A 100 foot shielded CAT6A patch cable can be purchased for around $33.32
If you every are remodeling a home or running cables the ideal setup is to run CAT6A cable to all the rooms you plan on having a computer, TV or BLU-RAY player. CAT6A can handle up to 10GB per second speed. The PS3 supports 1GB per second home networking and many new TV's have Ethernet jacks for Internet or home networking.

4. If you only have a wireless network and the BLU-RAY player is too far away from the Ethernet jack on the wireless router then you will have a couple of options. Some new BLU-RAY players come with built in wireless option. If your BLU-RAY player has a wireless option then read the owner's manual to your BLU-RAY player. All BLU-RAY players with an Ethernet jack can make a wireless connection with a purchase of a universal Ethernet to wireless bridge adapter. Some newer BLU-RAY players also make a special adapter that can be purchased for that brand and model player.

5. Most profile 2.0 BD-LIVE BLU-RAY players will have a menu option to turn on a feature called "Auto Firmware notification". I would recommended this feature to be turned on. Every time the BLU-RAY player is powered on it will automatically check for a firmware update. If there is a firmware update the BLU-RAY player will ask the owner if they would like to download and install the latest firmware update.

6. Almost 100% reliable firmware updates can be made over an Ethernet connection as long as the power backup device is installed. Now one can enjoy fast and reliable firmware updates. Some players like the OPPO BDP-83 player will take around 2 or 3 minutes to install the firmware updates. Other players can take between 10-30 minutes to download an update and install it. Most modern players made in 2009 and 2010 will take less then 10 minutes to downlaod and install the firmware update. The Internet connection speed and player speed will determine how long a firmware update takes.

7. A reliable firmware update can sometimes be made over a wireless connection also. If the wirless connection is lost during a firmware update that should not be a problem for most BLU-RAY players. A BLU-RAY player first downloads the firmware over the Internet. Once the firmware is downloaded the player then checks to make sure the file is good before installing the firmware. So if the Internet connection is lost during a firmware "download" the player will just get stuck in the download mode or time out after several minutes. A BLU-RAY player power cord can be unplugged from the wall and plugged back in if the Internet connection is lost and the player is stuck in the download mode for several minutes. Never unplug the power on a BLU-RAY player if it is says it is "Installing" the firmware. Doing so could erase the entire operating system and require the player to be serviced.

8. For those consumers with no Internet connection: The least reliable, time consuming, and hardest way to install a firmware update is by using a CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, or a USB/SD flash memory device. Sometimes a bad file or some type of media error has caused a few consumers too have crashed their BLU-RAY players and erased the entire operating system during a firmware update. For those consumers that do not have any Internet connection to the BLU-RAY player then they will need to use a Desktop or Notebook computer to download the firmware from the Internet. If an optical disc or flash memory is used to install a firmware update, make sure you do a complete file verification to make sure the firmware that was downloaded and copied from the computer is exactly the same bit for bit.

9. Some companies will mail a CD-ROM with the latest firmware update on it for those consumers that lack any type of Internet connection.

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This is why you are perfect! I was just thinking about this last night about how some people might need some help with their firmware concerns that will arise when Avatar doesnt play. Thanks dude!

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