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Old 09-02-2010, 07:14 PM   #1
acen01947 acen01947 is offline
Aug 2008
Smile Mitsubishi 3D - hookup experience

I was looking for some posts concerning hookup for 3D using a Mitsubishi DLP TV. I may have missed it else where in the forum; so I'll add one here.

ENVIRONMENT: Monitor (Mitsubishi 73833; 3DC-1000)

AVR (Pioneer SC-07)

Broadcast (DIRECTV; HR22)

Blu-ray (Panasonic BDT-350)

PHYSICAL: AVR; left side; rear

first input is "BD in" (Blu-ray)
2nd input is "IN 1" (DIRECTV)

first output is "OUT 1" (to monitor)

HR22: HDMI out to AVR input "IN 1"

BDT-350: HDMI out (MAIN) to monitor in #2
HDMI out (SUB) to AVR "BD in'

3DC-1000: HDMI out to monitor in #3
HDMI in from HR22 out
(pull cable from AVR (IN 1); insert in
3DC-1000 HDMI "IN")

Monitor: rear; left-to-right;

LOGICAL (customization): use remote control device

Monitor: press "MENU" button
arrow down left side (choices) to "INPUTS"
use right arrow button to open "NAME"
set each "HDMI-n" name to "GAME"
when finished, press "MENU" button to exit

BDT-350: change monitor input to "2"
power up BDT-350
press "SETUP" button
tab down to "AUDIO" selection
* turn DRC "off"
* set Dolby and DTS to "bitstream"
* DOWNMIX to "stero"
* 7.1ch AUDIO REFORMATTING to "auto"
* HIGH CLARITY SOUND to "disable"
* AUDIO DELAY to "0 ms"
press "RETURN" button
tab down to "DISPLAY" selection
* set HDMI(SUB) V.OFF LED CONTROL to "off"
tab down to "TV/DEVICE CONNECTION" selection
* set "3D TYPE" to "checkerboard"
* set "TV ASPECT" to "16:9 FULL"

* set "HDMI VIDEO MODE" to "on"
* set "HDMI RESOLUTION" to "auto"
* set "24p OUTPUT" to "off"
* set "HDMI COLOR MODE" to "YCbCr(4:4:4)"
* set "HDMI AUDIO OUTPUT" to "on"

user choice for remaining selections

* set "ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT" to "2ch+5.1ch"

press "RETURN" button to exit


Normal TV viewing

set monitor input to "1" (use INPUT button)
turn on HR22 and MONITOR
turn on AVR
set AVR input to "TV"

Blu-ray 2D viewing

set monitor input to "2"
turn on BDT-350
set AVR input to "BD"
load disc

Blu-ray 3D viewing

set monitor input to "2"
set monitor to allow 3D viewing
press "MENU" button
tab down to "AV" selection
press "right" arrow to open selection
tab over to "FX GAMING"
press "down" arrow to open selection
set "GAME MODE" to "ON"
press "MENU" button to exit
turn on BDT-350
set AVR input to "BD"
load disc
choose "3D PLAYBACK" when asked
turn on 3D glasses

3D TV viewing

set monitor input to "3"
turn on HR22 and MONITOR
set monitor to allow 3D viewing (see prev step)
UNPLUG HDMI cable in AVR "IN 1" and plug that
end into the 3DC-1000 "HDMI IN"
turn on 3D glasses
set HR22 to a 3D channel (103-106); select it
watch program in 3D

NOTE: audio will come from the monitor speakers
(because the SC-07 is NOT HDMI 1.4
compliant and has been bypassed,
connectivity wise)

OBSERVATIONS: REVERSE the procedural steps to go back to
"normal" (which for me is just watching TV)


Meant to be an AID.

CONCLUSIONS: Thanks to the 3DC-1000 (when you can get it),
I have 3D on the cheap ($BD + $3DC-1000)

I get to keep my HT environment at HDMI 1.3

Private thoughts: Where is the content (BD and broadcast)?????

Do we have yet again another format war
(this time over 3D)?

It appears to be between Mits (Sammy?) and
HDMI 1.4 (et al) regarding presentation
(checkerboard VS side-by-side (broadcast) and
top-bottom (and there is a 3rd choice)).
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Old 09-07-2010, 01:01 PM   #2
acen01947 acen01947 is offline
Aug 2008


I am not asking a question; I am providing an answer about hooking up
equipment in a HDMI 1.3 environment, for a Mitsubishi monitor, to
achieve 3D.

I am passing along my experience to help others.

I hope this adds clarity.

Thanks for the post.
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Old 09-12-2010, 06:23 PM   #3
Quail Street Quail Street is offline
Junior Member
Sep 2010
Default Blue Screen Problems

I have a Mitsubishi 55833 model DLP, the new Mits 3D adaptor and a Samsung 7900 Blu-ray 3D player with the firmware upgraded (yesterday) to the most recent 1001.x (August). The Sammy is connected to the adapter with a 1.4 HDMI cable and from the adapter to the Mits with a 1.3 cable (as instructed) The plugins on the adapter are set correctly as are the HDMI inputs set to "Game" on the Mits setup screen. The FX Gaming mode shows the mode is "on" and the glasses set to "standard". When I try to play the 3D Disney Demo disk in 3D through the adapter all I get is a blue screen, but when I connect the 1.4 cable to the Mits directly by-passing the adapter I get a great 2D picture. I haven't connected the Sammy's Audio HDMI cable to my Yamaha receiver as yet waiting to get the 3D up and running before tackling THAT problem.

Last night I paid a professional A/V Home Theater installer to come to my house and check things out. Even he was unable to figure out the blue screen problem. His suggestion (after two hours of struggle) was that the adapter was at fault and I should return it to Amazon and get a replacement. Before I do that early next week, I thought perhaps someone on the Forum might have a suggestion. Unfortunately, the Sammy's setup program is rudimentary at best.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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Old 09-18-2010, 07:40 PM   #4
acen01947 acen01947 is offline
Aug 2008

Quail Street

Does your monitor have 3 HDMI inputs?

Meaning: IF you used input 2 or 3 (from the 3DC-1000 HDMI OUT),
then you have to tell the monitor which input (2 or 3) is
getting the data from the Sammy (use your remote to choose
which input is in play).

Does the Sammy have 1 or 2 HDMI OUTS?

My Panny BDT-350 has dual HDMI out. See my post about hookup
earlier in this topic.

By the way: HDMI CAT-2 cables know NO difference between HDMI 1.3
and HDMI 1.4; why do you think I have used my existing HDMI cables
(CAT-2) in my hook up, in a HDMI 1.3 environment?

I am going on a guess that monitor INPUT 1 is for normal TV viewing.
Assuming that there are more inputs, my suspicion is input 2 is for
Blu-ray (2D or 3D), which may leave an available input for other uses.

Hope this helps.
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Old 09-19-2010, 05:13 PM   #5
Quail Street Quail Street is offline
Junior Member
Sep 2010

Thanks for your input. My Mits 55833 has four HDMI on the front and three in the back. The Sammy has an A/V HDMI out and a second HDMI out for Audio only. The replacement Mits adapter came the other day and after working with it for a while getting a 3D picture was hit and miss (mostly miss) I called Mitsubishi and talked to one of their reps. He suggested changing "Game" to "PC" to see what would happen. Again, I got a 3D picture from the demo, but when I switched to "Cloudy" again I got a total blue screen. He gave up and said he'd have a 3D specialist give me a call in a couple of days (!).

When she called (at 7:45 AM) we went through the entire rigamarole again and and after an hour of checking my setup and asking the same questions over and over so she finally came to a decision that the 55833 needed a firmware/software update which would be sent to arrive via UPS seven business days later (!). Needless to say I was somewhat upset as I thought a company the size of Mitsubishi could afford to send it out two day UPS. But no, that was their policy and could not be changed. Also, they had no possibility of updating the firmware via the internet like most companies today. (As a matter of fact, during this entire process the Sammy player connected itself to the web and automatically updated its firmware once more with absolutely no problem or input from me except to OK the procedure.)

The Mits firmware update should arrive sometime next week, and I'll let you know how things go. I shouldn't have to dump the 55833 for a newer model, but that's the way it might have to go.

Last edited by Quail Street; 09-19-2010 at 05:15 PM. Reason: Clarification
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Old 03-19-2011, 05:24 AM   #6
quadmandoon quadmandoon is offline
New Member
Mar 2011
Default mits

I got the same problem Quail Street and mitsucrapshi sent me the tv update as well so that wont come for a week other then that i have a sony 3d blu ray.
one thin samsung has a blu ray 3d player with a built in adapter box make sure you dont have that or it will conflict with the signal and not work.
but back to my story if i plug my blu-ray 3d into mits adapter into my yamaha receiver into my tv i can get the signal but it flickers alot and most times goes to a black screen so my only guess is that my receiver is not 1.4 there for not transfering the full signal. another way i had it working is hooking the 3d player to adapter to the second hdmi input on tv and setting it to game then turning game on and from there it was hit or miss i would have to change the input of my tv from game and hook up component wires to comp1 on tv and put in a 3d movie press play and when it started and says this format is not supported then i would have to change input to game and it still wouldnt work so i changed it to cable/sat and then back to game and it would work but i mite have to change back and forth a couple of times its a pain in the @sS but that wont work for me now so im not sure but im going to keep on it. let me know if any one fixes the problem. ps srry about the speeling im not to good with words again srry
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Old 03-19-2011, 08:48 PM   #7
quadmandoon quadmandoon is offline
New Member
Mar 2011
Default mits

Ok this is goin to sound funny but i had a dream last nite that i hooked it up using hdmi from 3d player to adapter box to my receiver then to my tv and it worked so when i woke up i tried it out and i kid you not it works like a charm so what i found out. from the blu ray player hdmi out it is 1.4 so u need a 1.4 cable to the adapter box wich is 1.4 in then it converts the signal to 1.3 wich then goes to 1.3 in on my receiver to my 1.3 in on my tv. and my sat/cable box to my receiver cable in. so now i can change back and forth from my blu ray to sat/cable with ease but i have to have receiver set to dvd before i start a 3d blu ray otherwaise it wont pick up signal. but it works great. hopefully this helps out a bit.
good luck
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Old 03-21-2011, 02:22 AM   #8
thepla thepla is offline
Junior Member
Mar 2011
Default Panasonic 3D kit and Mitsubishi

New member so I cannot start new thread. This place seems logical to me for question!

I have Mitsubishi DLP 65" TV that is 3D ready and was going to get their 3D starter kit. Not sure of model number but it was higher one with "8" in model number instead of "7".

As I was reviewing a 3D BluRay I ordered BDT-310 because of dual HDMI. I found out here about the 3D Avatar that can be sold on eBay for almost $100.

If I go with 3D starter kit from Panasonic I can sell that and end up with it being around $150. Same concept of BDT-3100 for less than $100.

Can I use Panasonic kit on my Mitsubishi TV?
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Old 03-21-2011, 03:16 AM   #9
PaulGo PaulGo is offline
Special Member
PaulGo's Avatar
Aug 2007
North Potomac, MD

The Panasonic glasses will not work. The Panasonic Blu-ray player will work.
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Old 03-21-2011, 01:04 PM   #10
thepla thepla is offline
Junior Member
Mar 2011

Originally Posted by PaulGo View Post
The Panasonic glasses will not work. The Panasonic Blu-ray player will work.
Thanks, I guess I will go forward with Mitsubishi 3D starter kit.
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