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Old 09-26-2010, 02:05 AM   #1
OG Pooh OG Pooh is offline
Jul 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
Default Does anyone else want The 10th Kingdom on BD?

Other than The Abyss, this is my most wanted (unannounced) BD.

In case you haven't seen this great film (actually made-for-TV series), it is, to put simply, awesome. It runs around 7-1/2 hours long and is basically the story of a Father & Daughter who get caught in the land of fairy tales (The 9 Kingdoms). If you ever liked Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood or anything in that genre, you will love The 10th Kingdom, as it delves deeper into all of these tales (and many more). Here's a cast-list (Rutger Hauer's character is one of my top-10 villains)...


Kimberly Williams as Virginia Lewis:
[Show spoiler] Virginia is a pretty twenty-one year old woman who lives on the edge of Central Park with her father. Virginia is very cynical and tired, and while she claims that she doesn't care about her mother or dating, it is obvious that she feels very lonely. She later reveals that she blames herself for her mother's leaving them. While at first she cares only about returning to her own world, Virginia eventually commits to saving Wendell and his kingdom. Melissa Perenson said that "Virginia must learn how to face the pain caused when her mother abandoned her." Slowly she develops feelings for Wolf. According to Ron Wertheimer, Virginia is a plucky waitress on her way to self-confidence.

John Larroquette as Anthony Lewis:
[Show spoiler] Tony is a janitor and single father who is mostly oblivious to his daughter, Virginia's, problems and feelings. In the beginning he is portrayed as selfish, greedy, and cowardly, but by the end of the series he is willing to do anything to save Virginia.

Scott Cohen as Wolf:
[Show spoiler] Known only as "Wolf", this confused and confusing character provides a lot of the comic relief in The 10th Kingdom. Imprisoned in the Snow White Memorial Prison for "sheep worrying", Wolf is released by the Evil Queen after he swears allegiance to her. He goes to New York City in search of Prince Wendell and meets Virginia, with whom he falls instantly in love. He teams up with Virginia and Tony and spends most of the film trying to decide whose side he is on. He wants Virginia to be happy, but he doesn't want her to leave. At the same time, he must keep his deal with the Evil Queen hidden from them and protect their identities from her. He must also do what he can to keep his wolfish nature in check.

Dianne Wiest as Christine White:
[Show spoiler] Usually referred to as the Evil Queen - The main antagonist of the film and Prince Wendell's stepmother. Later in the series she is revealed to be Virginia's long-lost mother. Prior to the events in the miniseries, Christine was taken in by the Swamp Witch (Snow White's stepmother) and became her apprentice. The plot of the series concerns her plan to take over the Nine Kingdoms. At the start of the show she is released from prison and turns Wendell into a dog. The Evil Queen is depicted as pure evil and quite insane, however she becomes more three-dimensional once her true identity is revealed.

Daniel Lapaine as Prince Wendell (Snow White's Grandson):
[Show spoiler] The spoiled and bored heir to the throne of the 4th kingdom, Prince Wendell spends most of the film as a dog. He can only communicate with Tony, and slowly becomes more humble and responsible.

Rutger Hauer as The Huntsman:
[Show spoiler] The Evil Queen's huntsman, who is sent to kill Virginia and Tony, carries a magical crossbow that never fails to hit the heart of a living thing when fired. The Huntsman is completely devoted to the Evil Queen and firmly believes in fate and destiny, holding no interest in mercy.

Ed O'Neill as Relish the Troll King:
[Show spoiler] Relish is the king of the troll kingdom and the father of Burly, Blabberwort, and Bluebell. He temporarily joins forces with the Evil Queen, but later abandons her plans for conquest when he decides to take the 4th Kingdom for himself. He is killed and beheaded by the Evil Queen when she claims to be holding his children captive, and uses the meeting they arrange as an opportunity to poison Relish the Troll King and his guards.

Hugh O'Gorman, Dawnn Lewis, and Jeremiah Birkett as Burly, Blabberwort, and Bluebell:
[Show spoiler] These three troll siblings provide much of the comic relief as they attempt to complete the task given them by the Evil Queen of hunting down Prince Wendell and later Virginia and Tony. They spend a large part of the film as golden statues after Tony misuses a magic spell. They are clumsy and incompetent, but still pose a major threat to the heroes.

Camryn Manheim as Snow White:
[Show spoiler] She is mentioned many times and is eventually seen by only Virginia and her grandson Prince Wendell (as a dog) in a white cavern in a ice-like coffin most likely constructed by the original Seven Dwarves. Virginia is at first confused to see her, as she was thought to be dead, while Snow admits this. She adds that she's more into the "fairy godmother appearance" sort of thing. Despite being passed on, she still holds some sort of influence (such as removing Tony's bad luck and broken back) and has been protecting Virginia in many ways, by shielding her image from the Evil Queen. Upon meeting her she tells Virginia her childhood story and tells Virginia that she is destined for many great things and gives her advice on how to kill the Evil Queen. Around her tomb it was written "For seven men, she gave her life. For one good man, she was his wife. Beneath the ice by Snow White Falls. Here lies the fairest of them all."

Ann-Margret as Cinderella:
[Show spoiler] She's one of the oldest living fabled-princesses of the 9 kingdoms. She's over 200 of years old, but appears young because she's had a lot of "magic surgery". Though her surgery hasn't slowed the rest of her from aging as can be seen with her loud coughing. She's often accompanied by her two elderly stepsisters and is the maternal grandmother of Prince Wendall. Her daughter Queen Ashley (Wendell's mother) was her only child, not much is known about her relationship with her grandson. However she was seen at his cornation and tested him on humility.

Moira Lister as Grandmother:
[Show spoiler] The mother of Christine Lewis, Tony's wife and Viriginia's grandmother. She despises Tony because of he's lower class, but loves Virginia and thinks she needs to marry into high society. She believes Christine to be out somewhere enjoying luxury, she never knew what Christine tried to do to Virginia.

Warwick Davis as Acorn the Dwarf:
[Show spoiler] He's a minor charcter in the story, he's seen in the beginning helping Tony and the others escape from prison. He's later seen selling various and probably stolen goods, such as the magic mirror. And again, hiding in the swamps in the very house Snow White's evil stepmother had lived. He gives Virginia a brief time to rest when she's searching for her father and even lets her see the Evil Queen's tomb. Afterwards he directs her to where she could find Tony.

Jimmy Nail as Clayface the Goblin:
[Show spoiler] He's a very minor character, who befriends Acorn and Tony while in prison. While he and Acorn leave Tony and others to fend for themselves, he does however hand Tony a small statue made of the group standing herorically. Hinting that he has psychic abilities. He kindly rejects Acorn's offer to leave with him and is last seen swimming off away from the prison.

Kim Thomson as Queen Riding Hood III:
[Show spoiler] Very little is known about her character, other that she's seen at Prince Wendell's party and his cornation.

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Old 09-26-2010, 05:34 AM   #2
EricJ EricJ is offline
Jul 2007
The Paradise of New England

(But it's made-for-TV anyway, so that's a relief. )
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Old 09-26-2010, 05:45 AM   #3
bobbydrugar bobbydrugar is offline
Special Member
bobbydrugar's Avatar
Jul 2010
San Francisco CA

I have this on dvd and agree it is an amazing show. i wouldnt mind seeing this on blu it would be a day one buy for me for sure

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Old 09-26-2010, 03:08 PM   #4
The Theory The Theory is offline
Senior Member
The Theory's Avatar
Jun 2010
Lancaster, PA

Yeah, this was my request in the miniseries thread. To me The 10th Kingdom iconizes the fairy tale/fantasy genre. Great characters, entertaining journeys, and a feeling of never knowing what is around the next corner. Truly an inspired piece.
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Old 09-28-2010, 02:01 AM   #5
Flatnate Flatnate is offline
Power Member
Flatnate's Avatar
Sep 2010

Yeah this one is one my wife wants big time. I had never heard of it but she just loved the whole mini series and made me watch it over the course of a few days last year. She would totally buy it day one. It is one of those series that I think now almost forgotten and its been how long since it originally aired on what NBC I think? The Odyssey was the other NBC mini series that gets my vote.
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Old 09-30-2010, 02:37 AM   #6
OG Pooh OG Pooh is offline
Jul 2010
Hudson Valley, NY

Originally Posted by bobbydrugar View Post
I have this on dvd and agree it is an amazing show. i wouldnt mind seeing this on blu it would be a day one buy for me for sure

I agree. I've never had 7-1/2 hours go by so quickly & entertainingly. You even come away with hightened knowledge regarding the lore of many fairy tales. The 10th Kingdom is not only one of my favorite mini-series (The BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide is another), it's one of my favorite films, period.
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Old 03-07-2013, 06:46 PM   #7
Taikero Taikero is offline
Blu-ray Guru
Jan 2013

I realize this thread is old, but I am still hoping for The 10th Kingdom on Blu-ray.

There is a re-release coming soon on DVD, but for me that just seems not enough!
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Old 03-15-2013, 06:52 PM   #8
wonkavision wonkavision is offline
Blu-ray Guru
wonkavision's Avatar
Jul 2010

I also dig this mini-series. It really is a lot of fun.
Would love a BD too, but does anyone know if it was filmed in widescreen or filmed in Full Screen? I know all the DVD releases feature full screen, but that does not necessarily mean it was filmed that way.
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Old 02-03-2014, 08:35 PM   #9
metalsonic metalsonic is offline
Active Member
Dec 2011

I thought I would be the only one to want this on Blu, glad to see there is already a thread here. I remember watching the VHS of this all in one go when I was a kid. Such a great series.
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Old 02-08-2014, 04:29 AM   #10
mcelebs mcelebs is offline
Active Member
Jun 2012

I loved the movie even the great casting of that movie especially the guy who plays al bundy the father of the trolls.

I cant wait and hope it comes out to blu ray soon
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