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Old 09-08-2011, 07:15 PM   #1
crxvtec crxvtec is offline
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Jan 2008
Default My phone was lost, then stolen

First off it is my fault but my story shows how people can be complete *******s. I went to the gas station last night and when I went to pay I left my phone on the counter. I did not realize until 10 minutes later. I went back and asked where the phone went since I left on the counter. The clerk said that a customer said it was their friends and they forgot it. What happened was a customer came in and the clerk said is that yours. The guy said uh no, but it is my buddies phone and he is outside. So the guy goes out and tells his friend. The friend came in and said oh ya I left it when I paid for the gas, thanks. The clerk said the guy seemed like it really was his so he did not question it. When I came in and told him, the clerk looked like he was just sick. He started to apologize and we went outside as it had just happened. No one to be found. I do not blame the clerk as I was the one who left it there and it is my fault. It just pisses me off that some jerk would be so dis honest( ya I know there are alot of shady people in the world but way more often than not people are honest). I called Tmobile right away( after calling my phone using wifes phone about 50 times. Also sent a few text begging for them to just return it to the gas station. They started to decline the calls) and they tried to track with the GPS but it was already turned off. They completely locked the phone and have it listed as stolen. If somebody tries to put in another SIM card it will get an error-stolen phone displayed. If they take to another Tmobile store and activate a new line then a message will appear on the phone and on the computer of the store and say stolen and the cops will be called right away. So basically they have a paper weight and the Tmobile rep said that the phone will be useless until it is verified that I have it back in my hands. I do hope that it is turned in and I get it back. Nothing bad is on the phone but there are pictures and movies I took of my 2 year old daughters from their 2nd birthday last month. I am using an older phone and they gave me a new SIM card at no charge. I had all my contacts synced to my Tmobile online account and had them synced to my new SIM card so at least I did not lose my friends phone numbers. I did get the insurance on the phone which I NEVER do and was about to cancel this week. It covers theft/lost phones but the Tmobile guy said there was a 100 dollar deductible. Better than 400 I guess. I am going back to the gas station in awhile to look at the video with the manager to see if it is a regular customer or not.Probably wont be a regular anymore. I already checked Ebay and craigslist as well. It just sucks and a pain in the ass. There are some personal textx between my wife and I but that is it. I have a family member that, when he finds something like this, it becomes his and does nothing to try and find the owner. I always tell him that is messed up and he should be honest. He says screw that, I found it so it was meant to be. I did take a phone he found one time and turn it into the sprint store. He was pissed, I felt good Ok, end my rant. Feel a little better now.
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Old 09-14-2011, 10:34 PM   #2
crystal_sun crystal_sun is offline
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Sep 2007

I have lost bunch of stuff as well..either phone..or wallet...etc.

I know it feels to lose something...

there are not too many people in this world would find something valuable and return it...very rare.
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Old 09-23-2011, 06:55 AM   #3
AcademyClassMates AcademyClassMates is offline
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Sep 2011
Default That's Life

Things get lost and well, sometimes stolen. These are just material things and could be replaced easily.
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