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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

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Conversation Between Steve Freeling and Graham1138
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  1. Steve Freeling
    02-24-2014 08:44 PM
    Steve Freeling
    Yeah. Sick, isn't it? He thought he couldn't be reported, but you can see what happened. He later claimed to be drunk.
  2. Graham1138
    02-19-2014 04:54 PM
    Dude, what? First of all, sorry I've not gotten ur messages. I thought I had this set up to autosign me in and didn't think I had gotten any messages. Now I fully signed in and got this and joined your Bill Murray fan group. So this dude videohead came on to you on this site? Wtf, who does that? And his avatar is a fraggle? That's really weird man. Good thing he got suspended. I've not posted much on here lately, or even seen a post worth responding to in awhile. Been kinda a slow last couple months on here.
  3. Steve Freeling
    12-26-2013 08:23 PM
    Steve Freeling

    This guy started making sexual advances toward me last night, I told Deciazulado, and he got suspended.
  4. Steve Freeling
    08-18-2013 03:37 AM
    Steve Freeling
    Yeah. The Razor's Edge was great. Bill Murray's performance was simply amazing, and blew me away. He should've won an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. He wrote the screenplay also.
    This is his review:
    This is his review of Poltergeist:
    How stupid can you get to talk so bad about these two?
  5. Graham1138
    08-14-2013 03:56 PM
    Dude, sorry about the late reply. Guess I didn't notice the unread post. The Razor's Edge was great. I watched this with my dad for the first time about 2 years ago. At that point I guess Ebert only saw Bill Murray as a comedic actor and people weren't taking him serios as a serious actor. No matter what way you slice it, Bill Murray has a great range of acting chops and The Razor's Edge has a nice cult following because it's a solid movie that may have done better had that ass clown not given it a bad review.
  6. Steve Freeling
    08-02-2013 05:10 AM
    Steve Freeling
    Ebert also ripped apart The Razor's Edge (1984) starring Bill Murray in an Oscar-worthy performance. It's worth checking out.
  7. Graham1138
    04-07-2013 11:20 PM
    I just can't believe how much people cared. Or how many people actually liked Ebert. I kept it PG too, I had some pretty mean and funny stuff to say about the dude. Guess this isn't the site for that. People want to pander to this guy like he did something amazing. HE CRITIQUED FILMS! What made him so good at it? He wrote 3 crappy B films that no one cares about. I would rather listen to an accomplished filmmaker like Spielberg or someone who knows more about films and how to make them than Ebert. Plus, I don't like film criticism, I like film reviews. Anyone can trash a movie. They are subjective and I don't think he was very funny doing it. I think Daniel Tosh does better film critiques on Tosh.O, at least they're actually funny.
  8. Steve Freeling
    04-07-2013 09:28 PM
    Steve Freeling
    Well there's Gardenofstone10 and mlittle3 that agree with us. So, we're not the only ones.
  9. Graham1138
    04-07-2013 05:39 PM
    Seriously, banned? I guess people are ultra sensitive about this guy. I don't get it. Apparently everyone else here is entitled to their own opinion as long as they agree. Not really fair. Granted I may have been slightly hostile with my choice of words, but I don't think Ebert is the icon everyone here has made him out to be. We for some reason as the minority have to defend our opinion as if it's wrong and everyone else is right? I am still catching flak on here because of my posts. I wasn't even trying to start anything, nor did I think I'd be one of two people on here who didn't like this guy at all. Pretty lame that this turned into such an issue. Least we're not in this alone. Also, pretty stoked that my first and only friend so far on here is a Ghostbuster, that's bad ass.
  10. Steve Freeling
    04-07-2013 02:43 AM
    Steve Freeling
    Whoa. I'm glad I checked here. So, we both have the same birthday, we both like Ghostbusters, and neither of us are sad about Roger Ebert. Am I right? Okay so slimdude sent me a PM saying that I was evil. How stupid can you get? I immediately deleted it. I went to your page and saw him act the same way. You know Nightman04 wanted me banned? So what do you think?

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