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Originally Posted by Norbie View Post
What sort of elements did the Japanese give to Viz? On 16mm? A Hard Drive? A HD tape? Or something other?
According to the ANNCast interview, Viz Media worked from Apple ProRes Quicktime files delivered on a hard-drive, which would have been essentially identical to their NTSC Digibeta masters.

This is more or less standard in the industry for any licensor that doesn't own a Digibeta deck and a professional capture card setup - files are easy and cheap to work with. Tapes, eh, not unless you're big enough to own all the hardware and do it yourself long-term.

The current assumption is that all other "Remastered" DVD releases world wide - Italian, German, Mexican and so on - are based on the very same NTSC materials. In fact, the Italian DVDs, despite being progressive PAL, have virtually identical framing, color and grain levels as the Japanese DVDs. If Dynamic Italy they did their own telecine work and somehow got identical results, I'd be shocked! The far more likely answer is that Dynamic Italy was able to restore the show to 23.98fps without causing blended frames, and then pitched them up to 25fps PAL. It's far from impossible - heck, I've done it more times than I'll remember. It's just harder with animation due to the limited frame-rate, and if you don't know how to properly IVTC cartoons, you shouldn't be doing it professionally. Simple as that.

Simply put, Toei's masters were worse than the R2 DVDs made from them, the other international releases would have the same issues Viz is showing. As far as I'm aware, they do not. Ergo, everything that's happened in regards to ghosting, DVNR and color funkiness are the result of Viz's production pre-processing, not the materials themselves.

I don't care what Viz has to say on the matter at this point, and neither should anyone who cares about actual image quality: They're spinning hard to cover their own butts, and for them to dare say that frame blending was "on the [interlaced] masters" - and not the result of a poor IVTC algorithm setting - is about as bold faced as it gets.

Also, why would they use DNR on some scenes but not others?
They didn't, I assure you. It's complicated, but basically you can set DVNR to only process certain frequencies - say, only really course, large grain but leave the fine grain be, or only heavy grain on blues while leaving reds alone.

Basically, the fact that one scene looks relatively unfiltered doesn't mean that it wasn't filtered: Just that the DVNR algorithm isn't looking for whatever that particular scene is showing.
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