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Default My guide to the internet Part 1: No one cares

This lesson is more geared to the Myspace user.

1. Why do you need to post every five seconds saying you got "NEW P!CS OMFG! GO COMMENT!
Are you really that bored with your life that you need your best friend to swoop in and say "ZOMGS ur so purdy!"

You do know that the majority of the people on your "friends" list already KNOW what you look like.

2. STOP updating your "status" thing every hour to say
"I hate my life!"
"I'm bored!"
"I fail at everything I do!"

NO ONE CARES! if you have problems GO TALK TO A SHRINK!

3. ENOUGH with the "I LOVE HIM/HER!" posts and crap!

NO YOU DON'T! Most of you are not even f@*&Ing older than 18! You don't know what love actually is! So you made out with someone whoopity FU**ING DO! THAT MEANS NOTHING!

4. Are you really dumb enough to believe that if you don't "repost this in five seconds a clown will stab you with a knife"!?


And that concludes part 1. look for part two later on.

Special sneak peek at part 2!

"How to speak like a normal human."
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