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Default Cinderella (2015) blu-ray review!

I thought I would give a small review of the Australian Blu-Ray release with a couple of photos that I took with my iPhone.

OVERVIEW: I genuinely believe that Disney did something right with their latest live-action film. While most people were probably expecting a sword-wielding action hero, I'm happy that Disney treated their most beloved character with the uttermost care and respect. While the previous live-action films were all about style, they lacked substance and, unfortunately, heart. Cinderella, however, has style, substance and, most importantly, heart. I'm genuinely happy that Disney kept the magic alive in this film. If Walt Disney himself were alive today, I'm sure he would be proud to see his most treasured little saviour be retold to the new generation in a beautiful and charming way. Bravo!

VIDEO: The film is presented in a stunning 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 format with an 2.35:1 aspect ratio. It appears as though DNR has been applied to get rid of the grain to give Cinderella a more glossy look. I have the LG-60PA650T and the video quality is absolutely beautiful. The two scenes that stand out is the dress transformation and the first dance at the ball. The colours just explode!

AUDIO: The film is supplied with a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 lossless soundtrack. It is here where Disney allows the viewer to enter the world of Cinderella. You can appreciate Disney's effort to make even the smallest of sounds audible. I have the Sony Muteki 7.2 Home Theatre System and there are no words to describe just how amazing the audio quality is. The scene that stands out is the midnight chase sequence. Just listen to those chimes! Cinderella is also available to listen to in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish in a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. English Audio Descriptive for the visually impaired is included in a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack.

SUBTITLES: There are a handful of subtitles (English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, ect.) included for the hearing impaired and for those who may have missed a bit of dialogue in the theatre.

MENU: The interactive menu consists of footage from the Teaser Trailer and a couple of scenes from Cinderella. I think there's an unused score that's played during the menu because it sounds a lot different to what I heard in the film.

SCENE SELECTION: There are 19 chapters with titles provided for each one.

BONUS FEATURES: Cinderella contains five bonus features that clocks in around thirty minutes. There are four featurettes and an alternative opening with an introduction by Kenneth Branagh. While I'm genuinely grateful that Disney has provided a handful (a small handful) of bonus features, I'm disappointed that the 12 minutes of deleted scenes (that will only be available on the Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) app in the U.S.) wasn't included on the Blu-Ray. However, in saying that, I'm thrilled that Frozen Fever wasn't included on the Australian Blu-Ray release.
  • A Fairy Tale Comes to Life (1080p, 8:58)
  • Costume Test Fun (1080p, 2:29)
  • Staging The Ball (1080p, 10:57)
  • Alternative Opening: Ella's Childhood (1080p, 2:54)
  • Ella's Furry Friends (1080p, 3:31)

OVERALL SCORE AND RECOMMENDATION: There were no words to describe the level of happiness I experienced yesterday when my friend surprised me with the Blu-Ray copy. Having seen Cinderella 45 times in theatres (yes, that's right), I was genuinely looking forward to watching the film in the comfort of my own home without any disturbances whatsoever. Unfortunately, there is always going to be one disappointment and I'm pretty sure I have made it loud and clear what that disappointment was. Maybe I was expecting too much for a studio to go all out on the Blu-Ray for one of their most iconic characters of all-time? Maybe. However, in saying that, Cinderella is retold beautifully and presented with stunning video quality and amazing audio quality that any disappointment I previously felt disappears once I press the "Play" button. RECOMMENDED! 4/5.
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