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Default The Church (1989)

here is the custom cover art for THE CHURCH by artist Wes Benscoter, and I think this one is a real beauty!

we are looking for the right case for the two disc deluxe edition, so we havent decided if it will come with a limited slip sleeve or not, so stay tuned

we can announce the extras that will be on the deluxe edition

New 2k scan of the original negatives with over 45 hours of color correction done in the States

All Brand New interviews, many EXCLUSIVE to this release ONLY

Brand New interviews with

producer Dario Argento

director Michele Soavi

actress Asia Argento

actress Barbara Cupisti

actor Tomas Arana

actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice

writer Franco Ferrini

set Designer Massimo Antonello Geleng

make-up artist Franco Casagni

New audio commentary with star Barbara Cupisti, moderated by Nathaniel Thompson

In Enlgish and Italian with English subtitles


a standard edition will be available from Music Box Films to be solicited to major retailers

[Show spoiler]OK, take this with grain of salt, but given that the last hint turned out to be legit, I'm pretty sure that this one is as well. Perhaps Walter could shed some lights on this.

Anyway, after Argento's Opera, it looks like CR may have been releasing The Church too. It was hinted at by the CR on their FB page.


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