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Confirmation that one of the titles is indeed Malatesta's Carnival of Blood:

Last month, Arrow Films — which negotiated the rights to redistribute the film — asked Liepolt for an interview. A crew from LA arrived at his Westport home several days ago. They’ll use 40 minutes as part of a DVD bonus package.

“I was as surprised as they were that I remembered so much about the writing and the shoot,” Liepolt says. They may even include a digital copy of the shooting script that he preserved.

Liepolt also provided Arrow with photos of actors he recruited for the film

Various mentions here also:

EDIT: This one's a long shot, but seeing the hands, I thought maybe Alabama's Ghost (1973) could be one of the titles:


Coincidentally, I notice there is an essay on Frederic Hobbs in Nightmare USA, in which this film is written about at length.

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