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Originally Posted by Brandon K View Post
That's awesome - you are awesome - well done!

As soon as I saw that the opening title sequence was used as the disc menu with NO text on it, I thought of doing this I'm glad you saved me the time!

I always liked the treatment of "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" on the DVD version of "Deep Throat," with no outline on it. What I don't know is whether or not that was from the original broadcast.

Can you share what fonts you used, specifically? I've also been trying to figure out the original location/credit text. I don't think it's straight American Typewriter, but it's super close. I've been trying to figure out if it's one of the fonts in the American Typewriter family, or if they custom stretched it to give it a slightly different look.

You took the sequence from "Squeeze," yes? I had quickly tried to approximate the look of it myself, so I applaud your effort.

I think they changed "#X69" to "EX69" on the FBI photo. Don't know if the original font on the photo is one of the standard fonts, or not. Would be much more work to paint that out.

Anyway, again, nicely done
Haha thanks! The fonts I used were Industria (logo), Helvetica Condensed (names), and Helvetica Light (tagline). It took me awhile to find out what the font was for the names by using WhatTheFont online, but I eventually figured out it was simply Helvetica horizontally squished.

For the location/credit font, it should be in the American Typewriter family. I'll try to check up on that.

And yes I used the sequence from "Squeeze." Except for the last two shots because the episode had a different take.

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