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Default Victim number 1

Iíll introduce myselfÖIím victim number 1.
Apart from not understanding the following that this movie has as I thought it was a pretty bad movie (even if I was in it myself!!) On the other hand I donít like horror movies, so that might be a good reason.
I was reading the review on this site and it says ďAn especially pronounced question mark is found in the beginning of the movie, where a college student riding blissfully on a skateboard accidentally smashes into a large mirror being carried across a busy city street. Who this woman is or why this event is important is never addressed,Ē
A scene was cut out of the movie that would have made people understand this better.
The skateboard girl (me!) is skating around the campus and crashes into a mirror. This is what sets off the killer as his mother smashed a mirror when he was child. This sets off his memory and decides to recreate his mother with body parts.
The scene that was cut out was just after the skateboard scene when you can see that the girl has not been hurt and she apologised for breaking the mirror.
The next scene you see the girl studying in the garden, this is what has confused some people. This is the SAME girl as the skateboard girl who then has her head chopped off. Another scene was cut out of the movie which was the head lying on the grass. (I have a couple of old photos of this while doing the shoot).
I did another scene at the end of the movie when the body falls out of the bookcase. If you go frame by frame as itís turning you will see that there is a different person just before the body falls. Well, that is me haha. Probably got someone else to finish it as I wasnít prepared to strip off.
Iím quite interested to see the extras that come with the Blu ray and if any of the scenes mentioned above are in this?
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