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Universal with HD codes (iTunes and UV)
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Universal is the best with Digital. But that may be changing. Upcoming releases say UV or iTunes instead of "also includes" iTunes. And Steve jobs appears to be UV only. A first for universal movies.

*Many originally did not include HD or UV, but if redeeming after 2014 they did. Some people may not get HD. But if listed here. I was one of the fortunate ones.
*Regular editions shown. All versions (Steelbook/3D) should redeem the same way. If more than one version shown. It is because it was released at a later date.
*Starting with Trumbo (2/16/16) the code sheet says iTunes or UV, while the back cover still says UV, also includes iTunes. Reports say both can still be redeemed directly at iTunes or a UV provider.
*Starting with The Danish Girl (3/1/16) many now say UV or iTunes on the back cover.
*Starting with 5/23/17 release with Get Out, Digital HD info is no longer shown on back cover. May be listed on the back of the slip, Amazon and Universal still list "Digital Copy" and "Includes UltraViolet" in extras.
*The 6/6/17 4K releases Despicable Me, there is no mention of UltraViolet. It says "Includes Digital HD or iTunes* Watch it Anywhere"

Coming Soon / Unconfirmed (Back Cover says UV or iTunes. Still redeems both, when redeemed directly at iTunes and Vudu.)

(UV Only, earlier titles may not be HD, but most likely will be)
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Unconfirmed / Coming Soon

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