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Originally Posted by manicsounds View Post
Not necessarily. I've contributed disc info breakdown of the set, informed that the "Penda's Fen" individual disc is different than the boxset release (by correcting YOUR mistaken information), etc.
I've written elsewhere a review for the set totaling about 2500 words per disc and I'm not going to repeat all that here.

Bigger question is what have you been contributing?
Random bumps in threads with trolly info with statements such as Clarke being more famous than Rossellini, random sales figures from unconfirmed sources, while admitting that you had not watched many of the titles prior to the release. While your intentions may be good to give attention to this set, keep in mind that your intentions are not always particularly useful.
I don't know why I keep getting called a troll. There was nothing trolllike about my info. I was told something, it turned out to be the wrong information. I'm not the only one in the entire world to have been in that situation.

The Penda's Fen disc information wasn't wrong on my end. The man was asking if the disc was the same, by that I thought he meant the technical aspects such as PQ and SQ because it's obvious to me that due to the nature of the boxset, other films are obviously going to be on the disc. You were just more pedantic than I was, not much of a contribution if you ask me.

Anyways, i'm gone. This forum is boring full of boring troll people who've got nothing better to do than to either respond to my taunts or complain about packaging. Get a life guys.
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