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Originally Posted by grod777 View Post
Big Daddy, Currently I have 1 sub and I have it wired in a high level config but I am also using the RCA low level in. According to Def Tech this is fine. If I add a second sub (same type and manuf) do I split the RCA low level and go to left and right of the corresponding sub? My documentation for the sub states I can use the low level RCA but it does not say to split the RCA from the reciever. By the way GREAT info on subs!
Yes, if you want to use two subs, attach a good quality Y adapter (1 male and 2 female) to LFE (sub) out of your receiver. Then attach the two subs with subwoofer cables (RG6 double or quad shielded) to the female side of the Y adapter. This is the recommended method for multiple subs.

I have my two subwoofers connected this way with excellent results. Additionaly, I also have the two built-in 15" subwoofers in my Def Tech fronts attached to right and left pre-outs of the receiver. Of course, it takes a little bit of tweaking and moving the subs around and adjusting their levels to get perfect sound for all areas of the room. Remember that good bass sound for the entire room is different than boomy and loud sound. My intention is not to shake the room or vibrate the furniture although I can easily do it.

EDIT: I don't understand why you have your subwoofer connected to high level and low level outputs. I assume by high level you mean front speakers or pre-outs on the receiver and by low level you mean LFE (sub) out on the receiver. That may create a problem when you set the crossover frequency or when you are trying to calibrate the speaker levels.

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