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Originally Posted by grod777 View Post
I have the speakers wired to the sub, then from the sub to my AVR.
This is the part that confuses me. What does speakers wired to the sub mean? Do you mean a pair of wires from the speaker terminals to the subwoofer inputs or outputs? How about the sub to AVR? Do you mean speaker wires from the receivers front output to the subwoofer or something else?

In addition to that I have the LFE from my sub (which has a left and right so I had to use a Ycable) to my amp with a sub cable. According to Def Tech with this setup it should sound "somewhat better". I have always used it this way but never thought to try one or the other to see the difference.
I believe I understand this part. You have an RCA cable going from the sub out of the receiver to the input right and left of the subwoofer with a Y cable. Using a Y cable increases the input signal to your subwoofer by 6db in voltage ratio.

What kind of equipment (speakers, subwoofer, receiver/preamp) are you using?

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