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Originally Posted by AssertedWolf View Post
I don't keep up with a lot of shows getting released but is there any chance that the street fighter II V series will get a bluray release? that'd be so great.
Speaking personally, I'm of two minds on this. The show wasn't especially big in Japan AFAIK (it came to DVD there but it's been OOP for ages) and that's 26 episodes to scan film elements for for a show like that. That said, SFII [Animated] Movie was a decent success in Japan, but the film isn't out on Blu-ray even there. So who really knows?

On a more official note, we wanted to do something a little fancier when we did this (and we may still yet, I suppose), but here's that complete list of the features for the SFII Animated Movie Blu-ray everyone kept asking for:

Main Feature:

Uncut video from the same source as the UK disc, only with better compression that keeps the grain.

Audio options:
-English (US Unrated w/ Rock Music, 5.1)
-English (UK Unrated w/ Rock Music, Stereo)
-English (13-Rated w/ Rock Music, Stereo)
-English (w/ Original Japanese Score, Stereo)
-Japanese (Stereo)
-Isolated Japanese Score (Stereo)

Subtitle options:
-English (US Names)
-English (JP Names)
-Signs & Japanese Songs only
-Signs only

Special Features:

THE PG-13 CUT (a 1080p HD restoration of the original US VHS edit)
-English Audio
-English w/Japanese Score
(includes optional signs subtitles)

Interactive Movie Game Cutscene Collection
English Home Video Opening & Closing Credits
Titleless ("Clean") End Credits

Japanese Trailers
English Trailers

-The Different Cuts
-Alternate Takes

-Production History
-Translation Notes & Trivia
-Character Biographies

-Key Art - Major, colored artwork pieces used for film promotion
-Model Sheets - Line art depicting all the film's characters
-Layouts - Detailed line art used for framing shots
-Move Studies - Brief animatics made to study how to translate SF2 game attacks into a more 3-D space.
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