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Okay, since this is getting out of hand, it seems, here's the low-down:

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS?: This one was done at the same lab as MARIALE' and SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS with the only difference being that an optical scratch-removal tool was employed during the transfer since the negative was incredibly scratched in most parts. This was done to minimize the digital clean-up afterwards. Downside: Exisiting grain is hightened a little. That in combination with the characteristics of a 2P negative resulted in more grain in some sequences. Can't be helped. If you observe the transfer more colsoely you will see that brighter scenes have less coarse grain that darker ones. What followed was our usual extensive restoration work (dirt removal, remaining scratches, etc.) plus a fine-tuning of the color correction of the pre-grading by the lab.

AMUCK!: Yes, the scan was done at Bologna. We instructed Bologna to send us a sample of a "light" color correction (i.e. neutralization of redish, greenish, yellowish tints) to speed up the process since we were in a hurry to provide the master to our licensor and our sub-licensee 88 Films. The sample looked good, we gave the go-ahead. What we received, though, was their usual teal & orange correction which we didn't want (of course this is the last time we will do the grading NOT in-house -- we learned our lesson). So we re-graded the whole thing in-house and removed the crazy tinting to get the neutral grading there is now (which we will also have to do for our upcoming BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY release, and which we have done for basically all our releases so far). The lush, slightly Technicolor-look is correct, though. It looks beautiful now, and we are extremely happy with it.

All in all, what you get on our discs is the maximum there is you can get picture-, audio- and extras-wise at the given time the transfers were struck. We do everything in-house and/or very small cirlce of trusted associates (digital clean-up/picture-restoration) including a second manual dirt-cleanung, additional or complete color correction, subtitles/translations, design, authoring, audio commentaries, sometimes interviews, you name it. We can't do more than that, sorry. Which is also the reason why we have such a small output. We won't release something unless we can say that we gave 110% without much regard for our own health/family time/expenses (as long as their are somewhat justifiable). We're not in it for the profit but the passion.

Can't tell you more than that.
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