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2-perf is absolutely right with his assertions. Also regarding the difficulties of dialing back the result of the LUT application. However, even if you look at the Code Red DVD, you can see that the film has this velvety look to it which is just there. We received some ungraded scanning samples from Bologna which also had that quality. We undid the Bologna correction depending on shot from shot. Some were quite alright, some were incredibly off. we will see what can be done about BUTTERFLY. Didn't have the time to take an in-depth look yet, so we'll see...

About the shrink wrap problem: they change it from release to release, sometimes there is a different one for the first and second half of the 2000 copies of the same title. So it's unlikely you received a re-wrap.
Speaking of which, I just received 14 Criterion discs from the Barnes and Noble sale. 4 were wrapped in their original foil, 10 were re-wrapped with some cheaper stuff. Of theses 10, 5 are have wrinkled, warped and dented cases and cover inlays. Since I like my collection in good shape, I already sent 2 mails to B&N asking what can be done about it. So far no answer. Any experiences with this that might help me in my grief?
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