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A few brief comments, which hopefully will help clear up the apparent confusion that exists here:

This restoration, currently available in Italy only, but coming shortly also in Germany and, later, other territories, was explicitly NOT ordered and made to create just another new master for home video - the restoration was made by us for PRESERVATION, so to preserve the film in precisely the way it was originally made back in 1977 for future generations to have an exact reference of the original Technicolor image and sound and was made at the wishes and behalf of the world rights owner.

TLEFilms FRPS is NOT a distributor or label, we RESTORE films for preservation and in some cases also are asked to consult or supervise on the technical workflow on subsequent video releases by owners or licensees of the respective films - such as the encoding process.

We were not involved on encoding of the Italian Blu-ray release, but were asked to do the supervision for the release in there German territories and others.

Re: encoding on the Italian Blu-ray release of our restoration:
Is the quality really bad and represents the restoration in any way as VERY NOTICEABLY wrong ? - No.
Is there - with a better encoding - "room" for improvements and therefore a noticeably (even) better grain reproduction/delineation, level of detail/texture and in the better resolve of color reproduction and resolution ? Yes.

Re: Italian (Main/Opening and Closing/End) Credits:
The Italian credits were recreated, based on the ORIGINAL CREDITS. The reason why is that some of the 35mm overlays of the Italian credit sequences of this film are lost. The old video masters had a wrong end credits sequence attached that was made using simple type fonts that were also wrongly composited with the textless background. The new, recreated type fonts are based on the original fonts.

The original ENGLISH Main/Opening and Closing/End credits have been restored by us from the original 35mm overlays and background exactly as they were in the 1977 release. These are exclusive to this, our restoration for preservation. The first release to feature the entire restoration in this way will be the one coming soon in Germany.

I now have to go back to our (currently three) restoration "patients" for preservation that need attention.
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