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It's a printing error, I contacted them. There's a replacement program. Email them if you want the reversible artwork. I certainly do, the original VHS artwork is part of the appeal of this release.
It was an unfortunate error by our printer... Here's what we're doing to fix the issue:

It has been brought to our attention that the sleeve art for PSYCHO COP RETURNS, which was indeed supposed to be reversible, was incorrectly printed and only features the 'A' side. This was an error made by our printer but unfortunately; no one at our office caught it before copies started to ship. However, we have contacted the printer to have replacement sleeves made immediately.

If you purchased from our site (, you will automatically receive a new double-sided replacement sleeve in the mail within the next month or so, either on itís own or with your next order/shipment.

If you purchased PSYCHO COP RETURNS elsewhere and would like the new sleeve, please contact us via our website ( with your shipping address and, once the new sleeves arrive, we will send you one at no charge.
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