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Originally Posted by BarnDoor View Post
MisterLime posted something very interesting in TGTBATU thread:

Intriguing. You suspect it's a major title to get this kind of treatment, but then I can't really think of anything in the MGM, ABC and Paramount catalogues that would fit the remit for an exceptional release, The Keep aside (I doubt it will be that, given that MisterLime has previously alluded to Kino having that film and then having it taken from them). An independent acquisition maybe?

A question for MisterLime - do you have access to Four Flies on Grey Velvet via the Paramount deal?
I never confirmed the title, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Yes, we had it under contract was about to start working on the 4K, but ended up losing it. Cannot share the reason with anyone, but it wasn't music related.

And Four Files on Grey Velvet is no longer with Paramount.
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