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Originally Posted by NLScavenger View Post
4K UHD: 12000 yen
Blu-ray Special Edition: 7800 yen
Blu-ray Regular Edition: 4800 yen
After doing some work on my own, this seems to be a leaflet that leaked early (stores will hand these out with purchases and such, so it probably leaked ahead of official announcement). This is the only source that I've found of it, but that doesn't mean it's not true either; just take it with a grain of salt.

If it is true, then it's being released in 4 versions:
  • Collectors' Edition: 12,000 yen. Includes movie on 2 discs (4K HD Blu-ray and likely Blu-ray) plus three bonus discs. Also includes 100 pg booklet, mini-character stickers, and something else I can't read. It'll come in a newly drawn digipak.
  • Special Edition: 7,800 yen. Includes movie on BD and two bonus discs. Includes the booklet and stickers. Also comes in a digipak, but likely just a key visual instead of being newly drawn.
  • Standard Edition Blu-ray: 4,800 yen. One BD and the stickers.
  • Standard Edition DVD: 3,800 yen. One DVD and the stickers.

If you pre-order early, you'll get a bonus film bookmark featuring scenes from the movie. (randomly assorted)

As someone who follows JP solicitations, this makes sense to me, so I'm initially inclined to believe it. I do have some doubt though since I can't confirm with any other first-hand source.
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