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Watched this in full today. My thoughts more or less match up with my brief scan on release day. It is definitely a bit dimmer, but it's not that huge a difference. The upgrade is subtle, but noticeable. One of the most obvious upgrade moments is the opening and ending cabin at sunset, which looks much more crisp, and the sunset looks much more refined and real, on the UHD. Overall it's a much more refined image with more natural colors and crisper images, but it's not a night and day thing. I think it's probably roughly similar to Goodfellas, so you should know how you felt about that.

One negative though is it does seem mildly sharpened, or at least there is some mild EE style effects here and there. Nowhere near as sharpened as the original blu, but something's there. There are a few errors with it too, not just the windmill but there's one earlier when Munny is herding hogs and the kid shows up. There's some blatant EE issue on a post behind Eastwood. Still, in motion at 24fps I don't think it's that common or noticeable, but it is unfortunate. I also had a few moments where the image got noticeably dimmer all of a sudden in the middle of a shot, but that could be my smart LED being weird or some other equipment issue. Don't want to say that's a disc problem unless others notice it.

Anyway, if there were a $10 BD edition out there I think a lot of people might have been better off with it, but there isn't. Either way though, if you love the look of film and subtle upgrades in that area I think this is very pleasing to the eye, if a little dim here and there.
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