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Here is the full list of differences:

Different background music composed by Christopher Young during certain scenes.

The overhead shot of Sandman diving into the sand pit is removed, and he just falls in.

At the beginning of the sewer/train fight, the shot of Sandman looking at the ceiling is cut by a second or two.

The scene where Peter is on the payphone and apologizes to Mr. Ditkovitch is removed, and replaced with a shot of Peter cautiously looking at the black box, and is shown after MJ arrives in the mansion elevator, but before the Twist scene. Instead, there is an alternate version of the scene where Ursula tells Peter that MJ called him, and he apologizes right then.

The line "Make him wish he were dead. First, we attack his heart!" is removed.

After the breakup scene on the bridge, the scenes with Harry and Peter at the cafe and the mansion fight are moved to later, and instead shows the scene in Peter's apartment before the fight. Right then, is when he wears the black suit under his clothes on the street and notices Eddie's fake photo on the Daily Bugle front page.

We finally see the full trailer footage of the black-suited Spider-Man in the daylight as he leaves the Daily Bugle. It's then that he puts the suit back in the black box, and goes to meet Harry in the coffee shop.

The mansion fight then happens, but not before an alternate beginning to the scene with different dialogue and takes, and it starts with Peter lying on the couch.

After that, the James Brown song montage starts, without the spinning newspaper.

After Sandman reforms himself, the sandcastle scene in the park is shown.

The scene with Aunt May in Peter's apartment is removed entirely.

There's an alternate scene where Harry's butler doesn't tell him about his father getting killed by the glider, and instead looks at a broken picture frame containing a photo of him, Peter and MJ, to which he then cries.

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