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Originally Posted by Joeker View Post
I redeemed Bambi thru DMA and it ported to VUDU but not iTunes. Has any1 had this issue?

Yes, I unlinked and relinked

I have had this issue before with digital only titles i purchased theu VUDU and then didnt port to iTunes becasue iTunes hadnt updated their database or whatever. But this is the first time Im having this issue with a code from a blu when the movie is currently watchable on iTunes.
Originally Posted by stevemcqueen83 View Post
I'm willing to bet that this is a direct result of what I posted here.

Since then, they updated the old DMA entry to the new version BUT, As of now, there are still two entries for Bambi on DMA:

Right now, while viewing these two DMA entries on a web browser, when I click on the "Buy" option of the first entry, only iTunes show up as an option. When I click on the "Buy" option of the second entry, all the other providers show up while iTunes is gone.

I am 99% sure that these two entries cause this issue. Could anyone of you guys over in the US please call DMA and inform them of this issue? Otherwise there will be quite a big fiasco come June 6th when everyone redeem their digital copies.

Also: the exact same issue is happening with Bambi II as well (!):
Originally Posted by MarleyMon81 View Post
Got my Bambi Sig Edition pre-order in the mail from Best Buy today. Redeemed the digital code. It redeemed like normal however it duplicated the movie in my collection so it appears that I have two of the same movie from one code. Anyone who has the new Sig Ed Bambi run into this with their digital redemption?
Originally Posted by AnemicOak View Post
Same thing happened for me. Bambi shows twice both with the same artwork in DMA and on Vudu once with the new artwork and once with the old. On Amazon it's the new artwork twice, once with bonus features and once without. Didn't check iTunes, Microsoft or Google. EDIT: On DMA I notice one has only the bonus features logo, while the other has that and also a offers available logo and it looks like some of the bonus features listed are different (no time to compare right now).

Bambi II redeemed fine and only shows once.
I just got off the phone with a DMA rep and she gave me some info on this. iTunes decided they weren't going to update to the new version of this with the new bonus features. All of the other providers did update, so they created 2 different listings. Sounds like it will stay that way. This is why the version on DMA with only 4 bonus features starts with the CG Disney titles (iTunes), and the other version with the new bonus features starts with the RKO titles (everybody else).

I called in because I redeemed through Amazon to get the double points, and it showed up only once in DMA and everywhere else except iTunes. She was able to add that extra version in DMA on the call.

BONUS INFO: The rep told me that the upcoming vault titles to be released are (in the order that she said, doesn't necessarily mean release order): The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, and the Fantasias. She didn't have any dates of course, and couldn't confirm how many per year will be released. It's something, though.
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