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Okay so here is the first photo of the two BD check discs. We will get FROGTOWN and the DVDs within the week as photos, as the discs were handed to other parties and have to be collected first.

FYI: those are CMYK labeled discs, which is the standard in pro-replication. You can see the typical rasterized effect on certain patterns. Though the photo might be not that optimal, we might provide more (especially of the other discs) once provided to us.

As for status of the release:

We inquired feedback from the manufacturer today (usually we get it very second friday, which would have been today) but we were asked to wait till monday. So we cannot deny the release date as of this friday.

Besides various facts (trailers, teasers on youtube, and images (especially never released behind the scenes footage of Macabre Mobile), we would appreciate that our customers would take this into their consideration. Those facts show that the product is real. And again we are simply exposed to packaging issues. One should consider that it hits us as hard as our customers, as we want to continue to release movies, but have on and on to start emergency weekend sessions which consume time and energy.

As for our customers who are still concerned, please contact us via email or even PM here on the board if you want to cancel or if you have other requests and questions.

We will not be able to post here a lot on the weekend, so we asked the administration to close the thread until Monday, when we will return, also with further info on shop, trailers of the content (which some here have already seen as exclusive previews.).

Again: We are available via email or PM if you have any kind of customer request! If you want to cancel, please provide order-ref (and PayPal trans-ID if available) so we process this ASAP if needed.

We will be back on Monday. We wish all customers a great weekend.

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